Hello everyone, it's July already and I'm so sorry for my late post, because these past weeks, maybe around 1 month I was working to finish my Internship Paper, then having internship session that held around 1 and half weeks ago, thank God it all went well, and my internship program for the 6th semester is done.

Not only internship, after it I still had something more to do for my school, and it is Community Service Program in the next Monday for about 3 weeks located in small villages, and I got a village named Tegowanu Wetan, in Grobogan, Jawa Tengah. Wish me luck for my Community Service Program, and I won't be write any post for 3 weeks there, because there is so difficult to find signal and connection :(

Now let's move to my outfit post, all of the photos were taken by my boyfriend, Boy (@kohinorlee), thanks bb :p

Here I'm wearing a contrast-colored outfit, it's black and yellow, it's pretty simple and super comfy for Indonesian's summer weather (IMO it's always summer here :( ) Been addicted to knit clothings and body-fit fashion items, dunno why it fits my body so well and made my body looks better.

I got the black knit top from Stradivarus, Yellow with white lining skirt from Pull & Bear, it all gifted from my boyfriend, thanks Boy for knowing me so well, my interest as well :P
Then I'm wearing my favorite white platform heels, and it's all done!

Talking about bright and dark side, lately I got some problems about my life, got anxious too often, and guess that I'm thinking too much until now, maybe it's because of my school's burden, but not only it, as I'm getting older, now I'm thinking about my future too, about work, about blogging, about influencing, but I guess it's too much, I worried about almost everything, even in the minor things, I cried a lot lately. And it all became my dark side now :( I feel like I got no way to finish all the problems and my anxiety.

My friends said if maybe I should go check at psychologist, but I'm still thinking about it, since I still got many friends and relatives that care about me when I need them. Thanks friends :(


Please cheer me up, I'm so happy all of you still willing to check and read my posts here, thank's for supporting me until today!
See you on the next post after I finished my Community Social Program at Grobogan!