Hello everyone, my lovely readers! First of all I'd like to say Happy Eid Mubarak for my friends who are celebrating it! Then, I hope you all enjoy your holiday, where are you going this holiday? I went "mudik" to Jakarta for only a week to gather along with my relatives there. Well, we aren't celebrating Eid Mubarak moment, but we did consider this moment for family time. Maybe it doesn't look that special, only went to Jakarta with relatives, but still, family time first, right? 

I always enjoyed Jakarta too when Eid Mubarak time, because seriously Jakarta is so quite and many people there are going out of town to their hometown outside Jakarta. So the usual 'crowded' Jakarta is vanished suddenly, and I became like the owner of the road because the road was quite empty, and the traffic wasn't that bad like the usual days.

What I'm wearing here:
 Plaid halter top by H&M
Rivets Belt by @xu_closet on Instagram
Vintage Boyfriend Jeans- forgot the shop's name on Shopee
Dad sneakers by @butik1001 on Instagram
Black bag is a gift from my brother

Always thanks to my 2nd bro, Rudi who took all of the photos at Scientia Park Serpong. Me and my family went there to accompany the kids to play around the park. And we're the grown-ups were sitting around, enjoying snacks and listening to the live music there.

Aaanyway, let's have a brainstorming moment on this post because I got some problems with this blog. 
I ever applied for adsense when I was underage (around 16 years old maybe), and Google rejected it, because at that time I didn't know the adsense policy. So, okay I didn't care about it that much until last 2 weeks.

I tried to apply for adsense one more time, and of course I'm not underage anymore, I'm 20 years old now, but after I applied it again, it wasn't that long Google replied my application and they rejected it again without knowing the reasons clearly.

I'm confused with this condition because seriously I don't know how to solve this with google, and I got some thoughts like, should I get a new google account and MAKE A NEW BLOG? Or should I keep trying to pursue google's validation for my adsense? But it's quite impossible because I don't know the steps .___.

I really hope for your opinion and maybe some of you have experienced the same like me, how to find a way for this adsense problems?

Just kindly write on the comment section below, your answers could help me a lot!


Thank you friends, for reading my post. See you on the next article!
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