Hello my lovely friends, readers!
I'm back with my first post in May after a very long delay XD I dunno what's going on exactly with myself these days, I feel really lazy and not productive!
Maybe because I'm tired with my daily routinity? I guess so... and it affects on my blogging activity too, really sorry for not being in time at blog posting. But I hope that you'll still waiting for me and my outfit journal here <3~

I got some issues about my school tasks too, received many tasks from my lecturers OMG and I'm already not that 'burned up' like the past semester, I even haven't write my internship papers, God gimme more spirit please ><

Beside it all, let's talk first about my outfit here! I'm wearing pretty simple yet comfortable outfit for school, only a graphic tee that I got from @kedai_pagi and paired it with green suede skirts and black mules. Because you all know right, don't overdressed at school hihihi.

And I added a black rivets belt for accent, my curret favorite accessories! Because it gives some rock and retro touch to my outfit. Do I already look like a little lady rocker here posing with a retro vintage motorcycle? lol.

I'm wearing this outfit for school, and after school ended, I went to a new coffee shop around Kota Lama, Semarang for lunch with my boyfriend, the coffee shop name is "Hero", I really like the place's vibes, because the interior and design is so beautiful with many greens and flowers inside. I feel a vintage and retro vibes too here, with white color domination, which is my favorite too!

Here is the details of my outfit:
Black Graphic Tee @kedai_pagi
Green Suede Skirt from Juzzie 
Black Rivets Belt @xu_closet
Black Mules @avancewholesaler
Black Tattoo Choker

Anyway, have you checked my new youtube channel? Yes, I just made one, lol, will be sharing about fashion and coffee there, I shared about my beauty routine once there, kindly help support me by subscribe it "Milka Amelia" and give some opinion and comments <3

Here is one of my video about my beauty skincare routine !
Thankyou so much for being here and read my post, hope you guys will have a great weekend!
Love ya,