Hello, the month of Love~
It's February already, a month passed already in 2018. How was your first month in this year?
I passed mine well along with my internship work at Gadis Magz Femina Group at Jakarta since the 2nd week of January. Currently enjoying my jobs there as a contributor in Fashion and Beauty Directory, and soon-to-be a Stylist!

Can not wait for another challenge as a fashion and beauty 'real' worker. Thanks to God, after waiting for around 2 months and applied to more than 10 companies, He sent me there, Gadis Magz that matched my passion, fashion and beauty world.

Gadis also sent me to the 'field', I mean any fashion and beauty events to collect informations and updates for content-making matters related to the brand/ events. I had my first experience as a 'journalist' in my life with Gadis, and so happy I met many new people with many experiences in media world.


In this post I'm wearing 'green-themed' outfit, a street style look yet still feminine with assymetric skirt that I got from Avenue Clothing, a Green denim outer from @florence.attire on instagram , vintage rebel tee from Stradivarius, Studded bag a gift from my 2nd brother who took all of these photos too, and completing my look with my favorite June and Julia Black Heels and Clear Green Glasses from friend~

I'm always preferring skirt rather than pants, because with skirt I could move my body freely and easier hehehe, but not a midi skirt like many posts before, I decided to wear this assymetric plaid skirt with wrapped details.

Me and my brother went to Moment Coffee and Space, one of a new coffee shop in Semarang, one of my favorite coffee shop too. The place is quite small for the indoor area, but it's still cozy and comfortable to enjoy your time with coffee and friends, the good thing is the price is quite affordable, and the food isn't bad, I'd like to recommend the Fish and Chips or Pizza Baguete there. For the outdoor area is wider and a right place for you who smoke, the outdoor area is full with greens too, so you could feel fresher there~

Anyway, in this post like I mentioned already in my Insta's photo several days ago, I'd like to share something to all of you, so let's call this a sharing session, lol.
Don't mean to scold you or anything, I just wanna share what've been happened to me in the past and now I regret it so much, and that made me feel harder to move forward for my life.

Some mistakes I made in the past told me now, for examples about my love stories that ended in the past, some 'young-mistakes' I've made, and many more mistakes and regrets in the past. The 'now' me think that I was so stupid and careless back then. Maybe because I'm a NAIVE person, so in the past, I easily got fooled, stabbed, and hurt by some people.

I was so emotional and selfish, I said that it was for together goods, but actually the decisions I've made in the past killed my little by little, because I didn't think twice, I didn't think about myself, my heart, I just thought TOO MUCH about others in the past, that made me forget my own self.

That's one of a thing of my regrets, I GOT TRAUMA, but even I know it's already too late too regret, because it's already happened, so for now, I only have to learn some lessons from those mistakes and bad experiences that broke me so much in the past.

I have to deal with the risks I've got from my careless and selfish decisions in the past, I have to be stronger, I have to be a braver person, I have to 'care' to myself more and try to reach my happiness, not from the others, or boys, but from my own self.


But I have to move forward and be maturer, more careful to choose and decide some things. I won't let myself being fooled or broke anymore, I've to heal my trauma from the past, and Thank God, dunno He's always just surprised me, lol with His plans.

Someone's come to my life, actually don't really know what is his motive to come to my life, a man, yeah I talked about another man, lol.

Dunno, just I don't know how to explain this, I guarded myself to prevent myself from bad things that could happened again to me like the past. But He's just.... HOW TO EXPLAIN THIS FEELING. I'M CONFUSED!

He is currently trying to 'break down' my 'walls', till now, and maybe he's reading this post currently ///
I'm happy he looks kind, caring, a gentleman, and he looks really-really 'genuine', currently till now I'm admiring his attemps and works for me, but still, it's so hard for me to believe somebody now, BUT I'M TRYING TO, and I tried to be really careful this time.

Actually, I fell for him and I feel comfortable around him, I feel happier too with him, he is SO MUCH different (in a positive way) from those in the past, hopefully He isn't faking it in front of me hmmm.

Maybe I need to see more 'hard works' from him to myself, so I could regain my believe to men? lol. Sounds like cliche, but that is the only thing to do, right, girls?

Well, he said he'll visit me at Jakarta this month, but we'll see *smirking* !
Guess that I'll have a lonely valentine this year because he can't be here with me at Valentine's day.


Well, that's all,a long one XD,
dunno what to write anymore here, but thanks a bunch for you who read and pay attention to me and my updates. Hope that you'll always support me, because I will be nothing without all of you, friends!
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See u in the next post!