Welcome to my second post in 2018~
So, how was your first 2 weeks in January? Mine went quiet well since I already accepted as an intern in Gadis Magazine (Femina Group) at Jakarta. So I'll be working there till the last March, and I moved to Jakarta temporarily due to my internship work. And I'm really excited to have a great experiences as a 'real' stylist and content maker at Gadis Magz. Wish that I would do and finish all my works there well!

I'm not that sad anymore, like in the previous post. I realized, I have to cheer up myself and stand-up once again to live my life, there are still many people around me who love and care about me. So it's not good for me and my life if I always stuck in my past. Even sometimes, but not often, I remembered my bad moments in the past, but it's okay, I'll go through all of this!
Time will heal me :)

Choose a grunge and rebel mood for this outfit post, and took those photos at Nest.co.lo.gy new rooftop bar- Hi Nest! Bar at the 3rd floor of Nest.co.lo.gy . Thank you my brother from another mother, Hans/ Hancek who took my photos kindly hahahah

I wearing red retro glasses from @kacamata_mylogy on instagram
Leather Jacket supported by Mas Ferdi , yay thanks!
Red Crop Top forgot the shop's name xd
Slit Training Pants from Juzzie Boutique
Hoop Earrings from Forever21
Boots from @mykvollshoes

Entering my 2nd week tomorrow as an intern at Gadis Magazine, jia you! Can't wait for all of those projects as a stylist and content maker for online web and magazine! Anyway you could find my writings for Gadis at gadis.co.id already <3 Don't forget my name Milka Amelia!

Yay, that's all for this post, have a great week ahead pals! Stay fabulous and stylist, one more thing, don't forget to be happy :)