Hello everyone, Christmas Day is getting closer, and I'm already excited with Christmas, because at Christmas, my whole family gather here in Semarang with many delicious meals,enjoy Christmas moment together, then go the church on Christmas day.
Are you excited like me? Feel free to ell me on the comment section below about your precious Christmas moment!

Talking about Christmas, of course I'll post my Christmas outfit post here, but in this post, not only about my outfit, I'll share about my last blogger gathering too, with Natasha Skin Clinic Center, it's an honor for me to be invited as a beauty blogger and influencer there. I met many new friends who love fashion and beauty like me, and we had fun chit-chat moment there, so scroll down to find more fun and details about Natasha Skin Clinic Beauty Blogger Gath!

We had gathering at De'Meat Steak House, located around Rejosari area in Semarang, due to close with Christmas Day, we celebrated Christmas together too, I must dressed up in white, yes, it's a White Christmas!

So I decided to wear my new lace and tulle dress from @florence.attire (instagram), and lucky me, I got this pretty and elegant dress for half price only, hihihi, @florence.attire is one of my favorite online shop on Instagram, you could find many cute fashion pieces with great quality and affordable prices there!

And these are some of the pretty table decor shots, it's full with white and yellow color, of course, flowers too !

And I'm surprised, at Natasha Blogger Gathering, there was Marshall Sastra as the Natasha's ambassador, for more information, he is a model from Indonesia, a presenter too for 'My Trip My Adventure'. He's so tall and looked much more manly in person rather than in the TV, lol. With Marshall Sastra, Natasha introduced and demonstrated it's new product, Facial Cleanser Oxygen (O2) Bubble. Huh? What is it? Let's scroll down!

So, Facial Cleanser Oxygen (O2) Bubble is a new innovation from Natasha, a milk wash and facial cleanser, 2 function in one product! The application is so easy, put this cleanser on your face or spots according to your needs, scrub it slowly around the area, then only wait for several minutes until the foam appears, after that, clean the foam with dry tissue or facial cotton, last, rinse your face with water.
Yup, don't have to wear any other face cleanser after you clean your face with Facial Cleanser O2 Bubble, because it's already 2 in 1, who can say No to this amazing Facial Cleanser O2 Bubble? 
Of course you can save more time and get a pretty and clean face with this product!

Beside demonstration session, we had lunch, QnA session about beauty things too, so we could ask about our skin and beauty problem with the professional doctor there, me and my girls gathered together and share about many things, we even planned to make a Fashion and Beauty Blogger Community in Semarang, since Semarang isn't that active in Fashion and Beauty world, but thanks Natasha to gathered us together here, finally we found each other with the same interest!

So, stay tune for Semarang Fashion and Beauty Blogger Community!

Some of us with Marshall Sastra, the ambassador of Natasha Skin Clinic Center.

A photo of us with Marshall, and some Natasha's staffs and doctor.

Thank you Natasha for the freebies, all of us got the new product, Facial Cleanser O2 Bubble and Natasha Beauty Care in Travel Pack, contains body lotion, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.
It was such a great experience with Natasha Skin Clinic Center!

Cannot wait to try these products, wait for my review about this Facial Cleanser O2 Bubble on my next post!

(Left to right)
It's Erma, Kania, me, Kak Inna, Kak Nia, and Aning! <3

Now, let's move to my White Christmas outfit details,

I'm wearing a pretty lace and tulle dress from @florence.attire like I said before, a bag from Pasar Atom, Surabaya, Gosh White Platform Shoes. It's simple, but elegant in the same way, and surprisingly this white platform shoes from Gosh matched my lace and tulle dress!

Thank you for reading my post, Merry Christmas, everyone! Wish that you'll have a wonderful Christmas Time this year! 
Make sure that you always treat your skin beautifully, try Natasha Skin Clinic's product for the best result!
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See you on the next post!