Welcome December!

Hello everyone, I'm back with my first post in December, time flies really fast, now it's the last month of 2017, are you ready for the new year yet?
Wait...wait... but first, let's get excited with Christmas Day before welcoming New Year. Hahaha.

This December, I'll have final exams for 5th semester of my school, all of the tests are take home test-type, not a writing test like the past semester, most of the tests are real projects, for the example, we have to build concept for branding from poster, advertisement, magazine,  catalogue and many more. Then for photography subject, we have to take some photos with some requirements from our lecturer,next we have to arrange a quiet big event, and a campaign that could 'move' people's mind, the event and campaign project are done by group, now we have to finish the evaluation papers since the event starts till the end of the event,
and still many more tasks that should be done for this semester!
Please pray for me so I could be stronger a 'lil bit more this semester lol.

I'd like to open this new month with some hints of bright color like poppin' red and yellow mustard, hope that it will increase my life spirit wahahaha.
And thank you my best buddy, Aidil (Instagram @bananasuwit ) who took all of the photos here at Deqiko Book Cafe, located in Banyumanik, Semarang. Deqiko Cafe is a cafe using library concept, so you can enjoy your food while reading some great books here, from Japanese comics to historical and old books, it's quite complete here, and the place in my opinion is 3 from 5, the 2nd floor (the main library) is so 'clean' and tidy, the book shelves here are bee hive-shaped dominant with white color, you can take an instagramable photos here. But for the first floor, it's not bad, but the interior is quite plain, but it's okay, still comfortable, Deqiko has outdoor area too with fish pond there. The prices are affordable here, from food to beverages, start from 10k rupiahs only! Even IMO, the food is not that special hehehehe

Let's see some photos, below...

I'm wearing my red beanie here to add a cute touch to my outfit hihihi, and you can see the net details in the upper part of my top, I love this yellow top because of that net details, it doesn't look that grungy like the other net pieces, but look cute and girly <3

Get closer to the detail of my outfit!

Red beanie - Stroberi
Yellow net top - @yucheleshop on instagram
Black midi skirt - forgot the brand!
Bag - forgot the brand too ><
Black Platform Heels - June and Julia
Hoop Earrings - Forever21

Thank God, the background quite match to my bright colored outfit, hihihi!

Well, I guess that's all for my first post in December, wait for another upcoming outfit post and stories from me, 
I'm ready for more surprises this month, please pray for my final exams too >< Hope that I can pass all of the tests well ~

See you on the next post, follow my instagram @milka.amelia for more personal information and updates~