End of the year is getting closer!
It's November already and I'm really excited with this month's surprises, what will happen this November? Just wait, see and let's enjoy, hope that you'll have a better life this month!

This is my first post on November, all the photos were taken by my bro at Jakarta, exactly at Filosofi Kopi, a famous coffee shop in Jakarta, Blok M area exactly, which filmed in a movie "Filosofi Kopi" Part 1 and 2. For coffee lovers like me, it may be interesting for you, you could get many coffee knowledge by watching Filosofi Kopi which famous with it's Tiwus Coffee Beans too <3

I really like the interior and design, especially the mural art on the front door and windows, so artsy yet catchy <3
Kinda feeling a lil' bit retro too here, dunno much, but this is one of my fav spot at Jakarta hehehehe

Move to my outfit, let's look closer, below~

My outfit:
Dress by @xu_closet on Instagram
Clear Boots by @avance_wholesaler on Instagram
Smiley Bag - Unbranded
Choker by Adam n Eve

Currently transparent tulle skirt is on trend, so it's a must have item too now, you can combined it with many things like shorts, mini skirt or dress just like me, tulle skirt IMO will gave you more 'feminine' touch on your look <3

Blok M area IMO has a beautiful pedestrian area and this place feels like a 'mini Tokyo' because you'll find many japanese pub and japanese food resto there, it's a recommended spot to have a photo shoot !

This month, I will work harder on school, I'm currently waiting for my Internship appliances at some companies, hopefully that I'll get a workplace just like what I want #hopefully 
And this November too is the deadline of some of my school projects, please God hope that my events will went well !

Thank you for reading my newest post, hope that you'll get inspired, stay tune with me as always <3
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