Welcome to my 2nd post in October, lovelies!
So happy, that I could continue blogging 'till now, hehehe It's been almost 6 years for me in blogging world, starting little by little, by low resolution phone cam and no experience in fashion and beauty world, but I keep striving for my dream 'till now, I want to be an inspiration and bring good influence, share my ideas and thoughs about fashion and beauty world,
and today, I thanked God, for giving me another year of life, I'm officially a 20 years old woman now, I'm no more a little girl, by this day, I'll pursue my dream harder, with all of your supports and love I won't write this post, thank you so much for being my friends for this past almost 6 years, love y' all!

In this post, I'll share a little bit review about beauty products from Bio Aqua that I got from @lovebeauty_official shop on instagram who sold the real and original products of Bio Aqua, of course, I'll write a real and honest review too here to you <3
Okay, I'll start by reviewing Bio Aqua's products from @lovebeauty_official below <3

> Bio Aqua 92% Aloe Vera Refresh and Moisturizing Cream

Aloe Vera is so popular nowadays for skin treatment, because it's good to relief dry skin and severe acne in a natural way. Beside it, aloe vera is good to hydrate our skin, soothe and cool our skin due to sun exposure, bcs seriously Semarang is getting hotter and hotter omg! Thanks to this aloe vera gel, after I tried this for around 3-4 days, I feel my skin is always hydrated, refreshed and I can say goodbye to my dry skin! .

> Bio Aqua BB Cream Air Cushion (I'm using Light Skin Color)

I love this cushion, with a really affordable price, I didn't expect if this cushion is a great product. This cushion is easy to be blended with my skin, and not like my 'usual' cushion powder which is hard to 'press'. IMO, this cushion suits dry skin type like me, because my skin feels SO MOIST after I used this cushion, the coverage rate is average, still looked natural but covered well in the same way.
🌈 Bio Aqua Smooth Muscle Flawless Cushion Blush

It's only in 1 color type, on pinkish color, I like this because like the cushion powder, this is so easy to blend with my skin, and love the result of my pinkish cheeks with Bio Aqua Cushion Blush.

I don't expect at first, if this Bio Aqua products that are so affordable could be so great with my skin for real! I'm deeply in love with the 92% Aloe Vera Bio Aqua Gel, thanks to it, my dry skin feels moister than before, and I got my clear skin in around 4-5 days of usage. So what are you waiting for? Cheap and affordable products isn't always bad quality girls, I'm the real example with Bio Aqua <3 Go get the original one ONLY IN @LOVEBEAUTY_OFFICIAL ON INSTAGRAM, get many promos there too!
Make sure that u won't regret the chance with Bio Aqua!

Now, let's move to my outfit's details <3, thanks to my bro from another mother, @wakhidddd , try check his ig for wonderful shots, you could have photo session with him too, just directly contact him on ig !

FYI, I'm so in love with midi skirt lately, so when I saw a cute midi skirt I couldn't stand to not to get it lol! Because midi skirt is easy to mix and match, and it looks more proper and elegant too in the same way, and this skirt I'm wearing here is only for about $10 from Sale Stock Indonesia, and the quality and material is quite good, I feel really girly and feminine wearing this, ihihi

White Details Shirt - @vipplazaid
White Brocade Mesh Skirt - Sale Stock Indonesia
White Sling Bag bought at Pasar Atom Surabaya
O Earrings - Adam n Eve
Heels - Laurensia

Me and Wakhid (@wakhidddd) went to MG suites to had the shots, it was a night photo session, because we both were so busy in the day, but thanks God we still could make it and the shots from @wakhidddd are superbs <3

Anyway, spot my white details shirt? I got it from @vipplazaid , thanks @vipplazaid for made my day <3
And one more great thing, get SPECIAL DISCOUNT about Rp 75.000,- with voucher code "VIPXMILKA" for every purchase, minimum Rp 250.000,- purchase only for new buyers!Go straight check @vipplazaid on Instagram, download the app and start shopping happily with many discounts!

Well, that's all for this post, thank you for visiting my blog, hope that you'll always get some inspirations, thank you for all the love and wishes 'till today!
Stay tune for my next post on blog, soon!
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See you, babes!
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