Hello September! August has passed already, time flies so fast, right?
I'm getting busy again because of my colleges tasks because they start going "craizier" and "craizer" OMG :(
But I always want to be grateful with all the things I had 'till now, because I believed that there will always a way for my problems,
My new semester started well until today, and he he he
I'd like to tell you something important that I never talked it again for about 1 and half years hehehe
Yea, crush, and my love life.

This 5th semester, started with "love-spices" that suddenly came to me, yeah,
I met a boy on campus, a new boy, well, he is a 2017 student on my campus, we met at Kedai Pagi, a little coffee shop on canteen, he just finished his New Student Gathering, and yeah, many things happened after that,
and almost one month already we've known each other and getting closer, even I met him on a "short-time" only, but dunno, I feel "clicked" already with him,
Well, tbh he's that good looking, but I dunno, love works in a mysterious ways, right?
I hope that things will went well, I don't wanna "play" anymore, I'm started getting serious about this, about my love-life.
I pray to God, please, make him be my last LOL, hahahaha (I hope that he won't read this blog post ><)

Okay let's move!
Let's talk about my outfit here, these photos are taken by my bestie, Elvania (@elvxnia), thanks a lot for your help! She's really great in art, she loves drawing and lettering like me hihihi,just check her account for beautiful artworks!

Took all of the photos on my boarding home's rooftop, surprisingly my boarding home's rooftop are soo gorgeous and beautiful, the scenery could make me feel calm sometimes when my mood isn't good, I go to my rooftop and sit there looking at the sky and the beautiful trees.

In this post I looked more maturer than my usual daily outfits, in the mood wearing minimalist outfit and clean outfit hehehe

Let's get closer to the details <3
Wearing a maxi white outer from DearYou Store - @dearyou.store 
Neck Ring Pleated Top by Post Mode Boutique
Denim Skirt from @deshopaholic
Nude Clear Heels from @thesakristalshoes
White Bag from Surabaya