Hello August, hope that this month will bring us more blessings and happiness!
I'm still enjoying my holiday, 2 weeks ago I visited my aunt in Purwodadi, a small town which is still a part of Semarang, Central Java, and I was accompanying my aunt for around 2 weeks there, because my aunt's husband just passed away, and my aunt is alone by herself in her house, of course she's currently not in a good mood and condition.
But now I'm back to Semarang again, because in the next 2 days I'll have a part time job, as usual, as a Sales Promotion Girl in a fashion boutique, at Utopia Japanese Bazaar that will be held in PRPP building Semarang, until 6th of August, and after that, I'll go to Jakarta, to visit my brothers, actually there are some other reasons,
I want to visit some of great coffee shops around Jakarta, because lately I'm so enthusiast with coffee, so I want to explore about coffee more, like in my previous post on blog hihihi
I want to meet my blogger friends to in Jakarta, and visit cute and interesting places there hehehehe.

Okay, now let's talk about my outfit here, I was on a "wild" mood that time, so I wear something "sharper" than my usual style, decided to wear my shredded pants that I got from @juzzieconcept (Instagram), paired it with black lace bralette and vintage denim jacket (my dad's lol)

And to complete my look, I'm wearing statement earrings, in Gold, to make my "wild style" still look Glamour in the same way.

Yay, got nothing else to tell you, just wait for more post on my blog, will write more here,
thanks for visiting my blog, hope that you'll have a great days ahead, God Bless!