Hello July, and hello YOU <3
Finally my first post on July, after a busy weeks I had back then,
because my final exam started since the end of June until mid of July, so I had to study more and more because I don't want my GPA became worsen, I want to finish my school ASAP and become a , then become a full time "career woman" LOL hahaha well, that's my honest life resolution tho, but I guess I don't want to work that kind of "office work" , I want to keep my blogging and make it bigger, make this blog become more inspirational and I wish that this hobby could be my profession in my life.
So kindly pray and support me always, because I consider you, my readers, as my inspiration and friends too!

Gonna start this month with warm color, earthy brown color, like coffee, cafe latte exactly hahaha
These past few months, I'm getting addicted with coffee, I mean not instant coffee, but kinds of coffee beans, and the various coffee making methods too, dunno but I think that my day isn't perfect without coffee lol.
I did visit many coffee shops around Semarang, Jogja, Purwodadi (a small town), or anywhere I could reach, to taste coffee and learn more about coffee, well, I don't mean t be a pro, but I'd like to know more about coffee, and I'm still learning how to make a proper and great latte art too hahaha

From drinking coffee, got SO MANY new friends, such as baristas, artist, designer, kitchen chef and the other coffee lovers out there, we talked about many things, not only that usual chit chat, we did brainstorming about coffee, art, foods, and many more that important for me, and my life.

Now let's move to my outfit here,

I'm wearing:
White shirt- ADA brand
Brown Velvet overall bought at Surabaya
White sling bag bought at Surabaya
Nude Crystal Heels from @thesakristalshoes on instagram


Spot my muscular legs? People always complained it and said if I got a "bad body shape", huh seriously who made the "beautiful body standarts" nowadays, I'm proud with my muscular body shape which I got from genetics, that I could't change. Proud to be fit, not "skinny".
Please be real for people out there who always love to spread negativity, especially about women's body, because it could affect someone's mentality, someone can get mental sickness or depressions because of it.
We are all beautiful, every body is beautiful, no matter what body shapes you had in your life, love it, start to embrace and accept it, we don't need that fvcking unrealistic beauty standarts, don't starve yourself, don't make ur body feel "broken", 
Don't mean to say if you don't need to control your eating habits or exercise, you need them in your life, to STAY HEALTHY, not STAY SKINNY like unhealthy walking bones.
I was a person with body shamming despression, even now I'm still fighting for it, fighting for more love for my body.
There are no "standarts" for perfect body, so please, once again, love yourself and start spreading love to each other!
You can get more inspiration from Iskra, my role model, she is so adorable and motivated me and my life! 

Well, that's all I had for this post, wish for a great week ahead for you, stay positive and do not forget to spread more love out there <3
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