Hello June! Time flies so fast, we've passed a half of 2017 already! And this is my first post of June, hope that this will be a great beginning ~

To start this month, I chose my new favorite skirt made from velvet material that became a "hit" this year, and paired it with platform made from velvet too~ I think that I'm a lil' bit too much in love with velvet material these days hahaha, because velvet material seems "elegant" and cool in the same way in my eyes.

Move to the photos and my outfit, I had a photo shoot on my one of favorite coffee shop, yup, Jendela Coffee.

I'm a coffee addict, my days won't feel "right" without coffee, lol, but yea, since I became a part-timer on my canteen's coffee stall, I started to fall in love with coffee day by day, and now coffee is my favorite beverage hehe~
I learned a lot from my part-time job as a "barista", not an expert, but I'm enjoying my activity to work in a coffee shop, and I explored many coffee shops in Semarang and build relation with all the baristas there, had brainstorming about coffee and life, and I feel like I got many new things from them, so inspiring! Found out that coffee could unite everyone in my life, how about you? Do you like coffee like me? hihi

Anyway, this month I received a package from Kosmart.eu , so happy that I could have plenty new accessories for my hair! From Lithuania to Indonesia, Kosmart sent me the healthy hair accessories, different from the usual hair accessories, why Kosmart's hair accessories are healthy? Because it's elastics and completely metal free, and IT'S SO DAMN COMFORTABLE <3 Kosmart's accessories are made of bio plastic which is up to 95% made of natural ingredients, so it means that if you have allergy to any kind of metal, you won't have it anymore with Kosmart Healthy Fashion Accessories!

You have to know that Kosmart concept states if beauty is in the details and the brand tries to provide these unconventional Hand Made detailes by using the REAL Swarovski Crystals on the accessories, with minimalist design, the beauty of your appearance could be enhanced by Kosmart's Accessories. 
Got myself a Leaning Curve hair clip from the newest collection "Star Trek" which is full with beautiful Swarovski, a pair of healthy earring that won't "hurt" my ears, because I'm allergic to metals :( So I'm rarely wearing earrings, but thanks to Kosmart, it saved me from allergy, I've been wearing this healthy earrings from Kosmart for a week, and my ears are COMPLETELY fine <3 <3 <3

Then I got a smaller version of Leaning curve hair clip, and a cute blue ribbon hair clip, so cuteeeeeee! I'm deeply in love with them, especially the healthy earrings, now I can wear beautiful and healthy earrings that won't hurt me everyday!

Let me give you some details below!

You can wear both in once like me <3

 Can not stand to post my close-up photos here,
because I looked great there with Kosmart's hair accessories , hihihi!

 Anyway, just click the link of it's official website, www.kosmart.eu , and quickly get your healthy and metal-free accessories there!

Hey, look at my new pretty little earrings from Kosmart!


Jendela coffee isn't that big, but I love the ambiance of the place, and the interior inside it, it makes me feel warm and homey, since I love rustic decor so much hihihi!

Next, let me tell you more about my outfit here,
top - O-ring Black Knit Top from Surabaya
Velvet Skirt from @juzzieconcept on instagram
Black Smiley Bag from Veren Lee <3
Circle Earrings
Fishnet Socks from @lasenoraboutique on instagram
and Black Velvet Platforms from @avancewholesaler on instagram , it's only for $20 !!!

The detail of my footwear, from @avancewholesaler on instagram <3

Yay, at last, thankyou for my bestie, Yuyun who took all of my photos here, she's my bestie since we entered college!

And thanks to you too who already visited my blog, hope that you can be inspired, stay pretty and fabulous!

Don't forget to wear healthy accessories from Kosmart.eu <3

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