Hello my lovely friends. readers!
Sorry I'm vanishing for about 2 months, well these past months I was a bit busier, since I'm in the "busiest" phase of a colleger, yes, on mid semesters, college tasks are getting more complicated and I received my jobs that should be done too because lately Semarang was full with bazaar since I'm a SPG and an event organizer of bazaars. 
But I still had some photo shoots to, to prepare more posts and stay in touch with all of you!

Move, these photos below are taken by my photographer friend, Freddy Hendrata (ig @freddyhendrata) who is in Australia now, hopefully he will be more successful and happier there, don't forget me here hahaaha
Taken at Tri Lomba Juang Sport Junction on Semarang, this Sport Junction just renovated by the government, they added colorful seats there, and it's a really good idea, because it's "photo-able" hahaha, you can see below, the chair resembled like rainbow because it's colorful hihhi

I dressed simple and sweet here, wearing a white shirt with bell-sleeve bought on a store in Surabaya, Velvet Belt, my favorite skirt made by neighbor who is a tailor, white platform heels, and added lace socks to complete my sweet look.

Well, actually I didn't expect that this year passed very quick, we are in the middle of the year already, and soon, Ramadhan will come, and it means there will be a long holiday too here, wish that this month till the end of 2017 will be greater and greater for me and you <3

Thank you so much for following and reading my post, even when sometimes I'm lacking of updates, 
stay tune for more updates from me!
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