Hello lovelies! I'm back, welcome December! Finally it's the end of the year!
I'm so sorry for being very very late, but finally I got a chance to post something new here.
I've been busy with my school assignments, final test and my side job as Pagar Ayu :')
My final test will end next week, hope that I will pass the tests well, pray for me please lol <3

So, let's move to the main topic, about my outfit. All of the photos were taken by Udinus's DKV 15 Colleger, for their photography task last month. The concept was Harley Queen, not the exact Harley Queen too, but I should be a bad girl for this photo session haha

Luis and Niar, some of my friends from Udinus

Well I did my make up by myself hehe. The red and blue ombre hair sprayed with temporary colored hair spray hehehe

We took this photo shoot at Johar Market, it was the biggest traditional market in Semarang, but around the early 2015, unluckily Pasar Johar kiosk has been burned, I don't know the real reason until now, is it an accident or  someone did it purposely.
So sad that the biggest market in town destroyed by fire, but after it, this location become one of the popular photo spot for photography lovers because this place left a "grunge" atmosphere with all of the burned parts on the building.

What I wear:
Sukajan Cropped Jacket - @momokawaiishop (instagram)
Denim Shredded Pants - Fada
Boots - MyKvoll
Boho necklace - DIY by me

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope that you'll be inspired!
Have a nice day everyone, 
stay pretty and fabulous!
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