Hello everyone, so sorry for the late update, I'm gone for one month ;(
Last month, I was really really busy, first because of mid exams, and got many jobs, because I work as a "Pager Ayu" too on weekend every week, Pager Ayu are girls who take care of seats in an event, so I have to send people who come to the event to their proper seats/ place. And it took so much energy, besides it, I wore high heels all day long and I'm not allowed to sit until the event is done.

But fortunately, last week I got a chance to had a photo shoot. I decided to have this photo shoot on Lawang Sewu, Semarang. A historical building left by the Colony with amazing architecture . Lawang Sewu usually known as "Pintu Seribu" because it has so maaaanyyy doors on it. And Lawang Sewu is famous with it's mystic atmosphere too, you really have to visit this place when you're in Semarang and take many photos <3

What I wore:
Patches Top from Instagram's Shop (Forgot the name) hehehe
Patches Skirt from @deshopaholic (Instagram)
Black Platform from June and Julia
Polkadot Socks from @gnt_shop (Instagram)
Glasses from @karamata_id (Instagram)
Bag from Veren Lee <3

Thanks for reading my post, stay tune with me, gonna post some more soon <3
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Have a nice week gurls!