Hello pretty ladies, I'm back with my first post of September, hope that this month will be greater than the previous one hihihi.
I'm quite busy these past few weeks, I had an acoustic performance 2 days ago for FAD Festival of Unika Soegijapranata, so I prepared it well, and I still have a dance performance on 16th, couldn't attend the dance rehearsal last week because of the acoustic performance :') Sooo busy, almost got no time for myself hahaha got no time for blogging too omg :(
But yesterday's performance was a blast, thanks Lord, we did well!

So let's move on to the main topic, all of the photos were taken by my friend who are photographer too, Niko, Stephen and Shemuel. We took the photos at Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa "Ambarawa Train Museum" and Eling Bening, a new recreation place at Ambarawa, but the place is so damn hot and I didn't like sun shine as well lol.

Check 'em out!

I'm not readyyy >< vv

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So I wore black pants too, actually not the part of my outfit, but at Eling Bening was so hot, so I decided to not to change my pants into skirt hehe.
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So Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa filled with many old trains, really love the vintage atmosphere there. For you who loves train, there are a big board about train history, just visit this place, really recommended for taking photos!

I want to share my insecurities here too.... mmm...actually until now I'm feeling so fat, am I ?
All of my family born with muscular legs, it's not fat, and short body, say it as "Pear Shape Body" , I got really small upper body part, but people around me keep telling me if my legs are too big, actually tbh I'm sad and It's hard for me to accept that genetic factor, I worked out really hard since I was at High School, but nothing's happened, I kept telling myself to accept every parts of myself, my Mom said it too, if my legs are a gift from God, and it's not "that" big, but still, I feel so down all the time....
So hard to accept myself....

Anyway thanks a lot for visiting my blog, wish for a great day for you!
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