Hello guys, it’s been a loooooong time since I start Blogging and now you can find me in WordPress too! Yeay! For somepeople who doesn’t know me, you can check my tumblr: octaviiaaa.tumblr.com, already in there since 2009 and I have a plenty of (unimportant) toughts. You can check if you want, but my suggestion, please don’t, just don’t.

Why I move to WordPress? Hmm… Lately, I found a new hobby, its taking a picture of food. Trying to be a good food’s photographer and love to review a foods, I decided to be a Food Blogger (altough I still in elementary level) but this is me. I love to learn something new. Yeay! *Claps*

Another reason leaving my tumblr because is too many rubbish-talk in there. I was broken hearted and wrote everything I felt there. and nevermind. I just won’t deleted the story because I was so poetic, but also ashamed. So I move here. Then this is the new me and my new page in blogging! I hope I can be the best food blogger in Indonesia, and also be the best traveller in the world. Because food and world is the best combination to make me orgasm! I Love both of them!

Enjoy the (story) food! Nyam!!