wp-1486973230754.jpegCleansing water or micellar water trend lately emphasize on simple cleansing but totally clear. Brought the concept clean with one wipe make cleansing water as solution for one of  must worth it to have. Cleansing water also more popular than oil based cleansing cause simple, light, water based and minimalize to irritation.

The Saem one of natural Korean Brand that released one of best seller cleansing water must be try.  I have read many reviews and finally try it, in addition cleansing water from the saem not expensive to get it.

Product Information

Comes with natural brand concept, The saem cleansing water have main contain  basically Tea for all variant (Tea Tree, Green Tea, and White Tea).

Tea Tree for Oily and Sebum control

Green Tea for Smoothing

White Tea for Brightening

the saem


  • Basically water that easy for applying and not sticky after used.
  • Removes point makeup in one go while keeping your skin moisturized and Whitening effect.
  •  Remove excessive sebum and impurities
  • Doesn’t irritate skin


Soak the cotton balls or cotton pad with cleansing water. Wipe face to remove makeup, oil and dirt until no residue is left. Follow with the facial foam or facial wash in order to clean.



For more information detail this ingredients product, check it COSDNA The Saem


IMG_20160717_143118This bottle so…so.. simple but look like natural with tea nuance. Material bottle from strong plastic and flip cap, with 300 mL of the product  that has an allowance of 3 years before it expired.



With Priced at KRW $6,5 or 77.500 rupiah for 300ml in althea, so far its one of cheapest cleansing water in Korean brands.

Review and Result

wp-1486973387546.jpegI know this product after Althea launching in Indonesia and I interest because contain tea. This texture watery and very clear, It’s smells a bit herbal-ish but fresh to me and not bothered this scent because not overpowering and it smells quite refreshing and relaxing.

For daily i don’t use a lot of makeup, just cushion foundation/BB Cream/CC Cream for face, Lipstick and simple look eye makeup (eyeshadow, sometimes eyeliner and eyebrow product). Eventhough like that, I must be cleansing until clear my face.

As for the performance, I swatched several makeup products on the back of my hand and I tried to wipe them away with this cleansing water. See below for photos.


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For maximal cleansing i need 2-3 swipe. After using this don’t forget wash face with facial foam in order cause only using cleansing water not yet maximal clean the face. In Addition, the bottle approximately big so not travel friendly. If want can sharing in small bottle or spray bottle for simple applying.

Overall, I like this product cause cleanse without irritating my skin and no breakouts after using this, also not sticky after use.  Great way to end the day and to start a skincare routine!.


  • Not Expensive
  • Not Sticky after use
  • No iriitant or purging
  • Cheap and big size


  • Need more 2 wipe for daily makeup (if using BB Cream/CC Cream/Cushion Compact).
  • Not Travel Friendly

Where to Buy: Althea ID, The Saem Counter