Last May, i went to Bali with my whole school by the graduation theme. It was lots of fun, though this was my very first after long year ago haven't seen Bali's grow.
First day, we headed up to Ketapang (the harbour) and that day thought 24 hours just to get in Bali and the resort!

And this photo was taken when we were on the feri boat from Ketapang to Bali at 9 PM, which was cool..

The next day, we headed up to amazing places. Look at those faces from the statue ! .-.

And Beduggul ! Awesome lake view. Wanted to come back again!
 Skip the day 2, the last day on Bali was pretty exhausted but excited to get home and take a shower and have a nice sleep! We went to Beduggul once and we saw Joe Taslim (A local actor who acted on Fast and Furious 6!!). This photo was taken on Tanah Lot, Bali. Myth said that there was a supernatural snake and the fountain, i don't really know but oh well..

The rest of our trip was fun, awesome and cool.. although your enemy might bullied you for the last time, but what the heck? Enjoy your moments with people that you love and loved you too and we were enjoy our days as a grade 9th ! Now, we're a OFFICIAL high school student! Cheers!