Mixed feelings...

When i care about someone, i really want to give him support & "cheer him up" in his sad days. But i can't, i just can't...

Because we are not officially friend nor bestfriend. We just know each other. I just know him 3 years ago.

Honestly i like him, as a person, as a man, as a good guy.

I do not know why (?)

So saddd,
Why i can not express or do anything. Am i selfish?
Or just a coward?

I'm a women with a big heart and a big love, but why i can't share a lil bit love?

So the point is i am a coward.

What am i supposed to do?

All i can do now is sending you my best prayer :

Dear Allah,
I know he is a strong guy,
But please hug him tight in your guidance, in your protection, in your love.

Please bright his day, surround him with good, caring & lovely people. So he can easily feel happy, laugh & loved.

I hope you fine & find your happiness always.

Stay strong, Allah with us.

Your friend,

Saraswatie Puteri