Hi ! I haven't update this blog for a looongggg time. Okay, I'm sorry 😂 but today I want to review one of my favourite clay mask from @earthly.id . They give me one, and I fell in love with this mask.

Maybe some of you already know that I looovee natural handmade skincare, especially for clay mask. I have serious skin allergies. So I think it's better for me to choose the natural handmade mask for my face, plus, this habbits help the local business, right? ;)

So, yea, this as you can see from the photo, I choose the Detoxifying one. This mask is a clay mask, you have to wait until it feels hard on your face (10 until 20 minutes) and you can wash it off.

So I wear this mask a little bit thicker, well, don't ask me why because I like it better lol. Yes, forgive my swollen face. I have been sleeping for this whole not-productive-holiday.

This is what inside the jar. You can see the dark colour, it's because this Detoxifying Clay Mask contains activated carbons.

Earthly Creations told me that this mask is for skin detox, so it cleans our face from toxic and free radical. Especially for the one who often wear makeups. I love makeups. I often wear some daily makeups. Also, Earthly Creations claim this mask can brighten the face skin.

This is me right after I use the mask. My face looks brighter and it feels soo clean and soo light. When I touched my face, it was so soft and smooth. The best thing is, I didn't have any breakout effects after I use this mask. (Well, my face is quite sensitive)

This mask also reduce my pimples. I kinda depressed when my baby-white-skin can't afford my makeups routine. So, yea, this mask helps.

The jar contains 50gr clay mask and you can buy it with affordable price. It is only IDR 60.000 and you can buy this directly from @earthly.id

So my conclusion :
If you love clay mask, have a sensitive face skin, daily makeup routines and want to brighten your face, maybe you can choose this natural handmade product.

Rate 1-5 :
Why? I think Earthly Creations could make better labels for better packaging, because the design is cute already but the labels obviously being cut by hand. They could make some cute boxes for they amazing mask too !

Repurchase ?
Yes, I think :D