Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

Hi all, I'm back again with skin care review. If you follow my instagram, you'd see that last month I posted on insta stories, that I was going to do "30 days challenge" with Some By Mi. You might be curious about it, or some of you might be already know what it is about. Well, I gonna write a full  review about it on this post.



Lately, a beauty junkie are being excited with the newest skin care brand from Korea, Some By Mi. This brand really famous for their "miracle" products, 30 Days Miracle Toner and 30 Days Miracle Cleansing Bar. These products reclaims that they can give a "clean - healthy" skin, and you can see the result only in 30 days. WOW!!! Who's not interested with it?? I can guarantee it's every woman's dream to have a beautiful skin.



Source : instagram @somebymi

Knowing about the good benefit of these products, I decided to give it a try. But as a first step, I tried to use the toner first. To be honest, I never put toner into my skin care routine, until one day I realized how important toner is, and I decided to start using it. When I was looking for a good toner, I heard about 30 Days Miracle Toner, and I thought it's a perfect time to try it.



It always sealed

30 Days Miracle Toner contains AHA, BHA, PHA, and Niacinamide 2%. All of these ingredients known as a good ingredients to exfoliate dead skin cells, enlarged pores, and make your skin become acne free. Beside those ingredients, this Miracle Toner also contains "Real Teatree 10.000 PPM". With all of these ingredients, 30 Days Miracle Toner promising :

- remove acne, blackhead, and also whitehead

- exfoliate dead skin cells

- clean any excess sebum from pores

- brighten your skin


Honestly I always avoid to use skincare for acne prones, because it usually makes skin become dry. FYI, I have a very sensitive and dry skin. Otherwise, I never have a problem with acne before. However, since I got little bit problem with acne after used Natural Pacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence, and also this Miracle Toner can be used for all skin types, I keep go with it, and do this 30 days challenge to see the result of this product.




As you can see on the pictures above, this toner really works to brighten my skin. All the acnes also gone, without make any scar. I could see the good result of this product from the first time I use. Everytime I use it, it really removes blackheads especially on my nose area. Even though not all of them, but it still helps to clean my skin.


Does this product makes my skin dry??

I couldn't answer it in one word. At the first 3 weeks of usage, it wasn't make my skin become dry. It felt tight, but I thought it's still normal. After that, I had a trip to Canada, which has unpredictable extreme weather. Sometimes hot, and sometimes it could get much colder. This weather made skin all over my body became dry, including my face. At that time I was thinking this toner could make it worse, and stop to used it for a while, until I came back to Jakarta.

By that time my skin still very dry, but I decided to use this toner again. I thought it's gonna be different because I was back at Jakarta with its humid weather. It's been more than 1 week after I started to use it again, but my skin still dry and felt very tight. I have used other products to hydrates my skin such as Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and sheet mask, but it doesn't work.


Well, I'm not sure whether this toner make my dry skin condition become worse or not, but for now I decided to stop the usage of this Miracle Toner for a while. Meanwhile, I tried to use other toner specialized for dry skin type, and hopefully I can get my moist skin back. But from this challenge I could say 1 thing about this toner. "It does help to loose any acnes and other "dirt" on your face. It also make your face get brighter for sure. If you don't have any problem with dry skin, and you want to have a beautiful skin, this Miracle Toner is very recommended."


Lastly about this toner, some of you might be notice there are 2 types of packaging of this toner. You might think one of them is the fake one, but it's not!! Some by Mi just renewed the cap, but all the ingredients that they used still the same. If you still worry about it, you can scan the barcode from the box at HiddenTag app, and check the authenticity of this product.



Barcode on Some By Mi Miracle Toner Box