10 Traditional Food Typical delicious Balinese-style 2015

Bali. One of the favorite destinations of tourists, both domestic and foreign. Because of his best-selling Bali, entrepreneurs flocked open cafes and restaurants in Bali. To the extent that the tourists more familiar names of a popular cafe in Bali compared to the names of traditional Balinese food. Though of course Bali also has a variety of specialties that we must taste while on vacation there. Well, Klikers, following 1o Balinese traditional foods that can keep you hooked:

1. Duck Betutu
That said, the duck betutu derived from Kuta, Bali is the favorite food of the kings in Bali. How to cook quite unique, the duck meat that has been seasoned to be massaged beforehand. He said, with a massage then duck meat will be tender and marinade to seep down to the bone. Duck who has massaged and wrapped in banana leaves or betel leaves and baked in the husk fire. Betutu duck cooking process takes many hours so that the duck is cooked betutu only when there is a custom event or a religious ceremony. In addition betutu duck, there is also betutu. The differences were only of flesh alone. One manufacturer betutu is Melinggih Village, District Ubud, Gianyar.
Bebek betutu
2. Babi Guling

All must have heard the food is traditional Balinese. Pork roll (Be bolsters) made from pork belly child filled with herbs and vegetables, such as cassava leaves, then baked while playing around (overthrow-roll) until cooked. Originally pork roll used for grain or religious ceremonies. But now suckling pig can be found easily in a variety of restaurants, cafes, and hotels in Bali. The most famous suckling pig comes from Gianyar.
Babi guling
3. The slurry Mengguh

Mengguh porridge is porridge typical of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnorth Bali (Buleleng) is often served during traditional ceremonies. Mengguh porridge made from rice and coconut milk served with spiced shredded chicken and smothered in thick chicken broth and vegetables served separately ointment. The taste is complete, a mix of savory and slightly spicy with crunchy vegetables ointment.

Bubur mengguh
4. Srombotan

Srombotan a typical vegetable Klungkung, Bali in the form of fresh vegetables such as kale vegetables, beans, and cabbage flavored called Kalas. Kalas is given turmeric mashed coconut milk, galangal, shallots, garlic, coriander and a little kencur then cooked until thick. Kalas that is the hallmark of srombotan. This Srombotan should be served with a spicy peanut sauce and seasoning until evenly mixed.
5. Rice Jinggo

Jinggo rice (or rice Jenggo) is a Balinese food in the form of white rice served in a banana leaf wrap with side dishes and sauce. Rice served fist-sized course and side dishes usually is sambal goreng tempe, serundeng and shredded chicken. It is said that Jinggo (Jenggo) derived from the Hokkien jeng go which means one thousand five hundred. Before the monetary crisis in 1997, this Jinggo rice is sold at Rp 1500.00 per serving. A small portion of rice reminiscent of typical cat angkringan Central Java.
Nasi jinggo
6. Lawar

LawarIt's not the bat, yes! Lawar is cooking a mixture of boiled vegetables, roasted coconut and spiced meat cingcang. Meat used is beef, pork, chicken, ducks, and turtles. While the vegetables are young jackfruit, papaya, leaves the distance, and nuts. There are various lawar. When viewed from the color, there lawar lawar white and red. Red Lawar is lawar that use a mixture of blood from the meat used. There is also lawar are named according to the type of meat or vegetables are used, such as pigs and lawar lawar jackfruit.

7. Rice Tepeng

Nasi tepengTepeng rice is traditional Balinese food of Gianyar, Bali. It was spicy and savory because it is cooked with alkaline genep, which is a complete blend of spices (spices and herbs). Tepeng rice served with vegetables such as beans, red beans, young jackfruit, eggplant, Moringa leaves, and shredded coconut. Tepeng rice served with banana leaves this to be one of the types of compulsory breakfast Gianyar citizens.

8. Sate plecing

Sate plecing
Sate Bali plecing in there that use chicken, pork, fish or sea. Uniqueness is if satay skewers plecing generally served with peanut sauce, then satay served with condiments plecing plecing. Plecing itself is a typical Indonesian food from Lombok and Bali. Plecing a tomato sauce made from cayenne pepper, salt, shrimp paste, tomatoes, and sometimes given droplet lime.

9. Sate Lilit
Sate lilit

Fish satay made from mashed and given flour and spices typical of Bali. Satay made by wrapping the fish meat on lemongrass. It feels very distinctive, cohesive between spicy, fragrant, sweet and savory with the scents of lemongrass. Not just delicious, the satay was healthy because of low fat.

10. Tum Ayam

Tum ayam
Tum chicken is a traditional Balinese food preparation like Pepes. Chopped chicken meat flavored with various spices and coconut milk, then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

Wow ... wow ... it turns Bali have all sorts of delicious culinary, yes! So, if later you are on holiday to Bali, do not forget to taste the traditional food of Bali, yes! Moreover, the lovers of spicy certainly fall in love with a Balinese culinary average has a spicy flavor. Sedaaap