The beach is beautiful and Deals Indonesia / Java island

The beach is beautiful and there are still a virgin in the town poor.
Malang is one of the cities in Indonesia, which was awarded the wonderful places such as, Balekambang, Blue Spring, Kondang Merak, Bajul Dead and Goa China. Surely you've heard some of these places, or may already have visited all of them? Yes, from the five sites above there are two attractions which are caught my attention, namely Bajul Dead and Goa China. It is a tourist beach in Malang who has a story of its own history and values. Well, the name does already curious and want to know more about the place. Therefore, I will try to peel a little so that both places could be hehe.Sekilas travelers were exposed again by beach name pickpocket dead is quite bizarre, but it is behind a name must have no meaning. Well, for this beach called Dead pickpocket because the hills around the coast elongated / cluster and appear to look like a dead alligator (or crocodile dead). This tourist spot located in the village Bajulmati, Elephant Rejo village, District Gedangan, and located not far from the beaches of Goa and the Blue Spring China. So if you are visiting Malang, there is no harm traveled to the beach this one.
1.Bajul mati

If remembered, actually travel to the coast of the Dead and Goa Chinese pickpocket without planned first, but since that time I have a need in Malang, ya ga no harm all holidays. Mid-January Precisely yesterday, I have business work in Malang for 2 weeks. For trips fortunately no need to bother, because everything is in the care of the office hehehe. However, for the affairs of my plane ticket was a little bit confused, because its only E-tickets are printed, unlike the usual ticket (knowingly never before: D). However, after receiving the explanation turns out office message from the service ticket booking air tickets online. Heemmm ... there is also yes it turns out like this, I was also wkwkwk outdated.

The etiquette, listed from It turns out that service that provides ticket booking via online, and after trying to ask here and there including Google mbah, it Traveloka an air ticket booking services online in Indonesia. It seems still good, but I have not had time to try it. Of testimonials and feedback from its customers, including positive heck, I could easily find his testimony in social media, Twitter, Facebook, and it is also a lot of blogs / websites that tell you about the experience together Traveloka tourism. The average of the testimony of consumers, they are satisfied because the ticket in Traveloka most inexpensive, the service is quick and easy to get tickets. Heemmm ... pantes wrote my office use. It turns out cheaper anyway hahaha.

Oh well, now I will go again to the story Bajul Death yes. For trips to the tourist attractions of this was actually done towards the end of the task in Malang. Incidentally his work can be completed more quickly, so I took myself for a refreshing first. To go to the beach this Dead pickpocket takes approximately 3 hours or 80 km, from the city of Malang by taking the direction to Sumbermanjing. Pretty exciting journey, surrounded by beautiful scenery and corners are very sharp like a walk in the mountains. Cried too rich when riding a motorcycle on the road hehe.

Arriving travel place, I immediately wrote rushed to see the beaches, as had occurred in my mind that the name of the beach would have just the same as other beaches. But I see fit ... just can berukur to God Almighty for this creation. As it turns out the beach is somewhat different from the other beaches. Why? The answer is because the beach is arguably still natural and unspoiled environment. Travelers who come to this place can be counted on the fingers, alias still a bit hehe. But behind lonely visitors, this beach has a natural beauty that no other tourist attractions, is located in bays which adorn various parts of the coast.

But unfortunately, this natural beauty only I could see without being able to come to feel it. Yes, the beach is included into the beaches that prohibits visitors to swim as part of the Southern coast is famous for its wind and big waves. Was disappointed anyway, but fortunately the section on the west coast that can be used to play water hehe. Yes, although not able to swim, at least be able to taste a little bit to play water. Then let alone? Moreover yes, oh yes a very low entry fee. Enough Rp. 4000 / person, equivalent to $ 0.3 alone, so my vacation yesterday's friend is a tour hehe yes.

2.Goa cina

After enjoying the beauty of the beach Bajulmati, I stopped briefly to Goa China, incidentally scarcity is not far, just 10 minutes away. From my Bajulmati leads to Sumbermanjing wetan, and met three way fork and take the middle path as directed. His journey is quite different from pickpocket to die, because I have to pass a new rough stone with a length of approximately 800 meters. After arriving at the destination, I pay the fees are equal to the price of admission to pickpocket the Dead, which Rp.4000 per person. I personally prefer the beach pickpocket Dead, because it was pretty crowded in China Goca wisatawannya hehe. Yes subjective actually does, but it did happen to me like a place that is quiet and not crowded to calm the mind and relax for a while.

Goa This seems wider China coastal areas compared to pickpocket the Dead, and the landscape is adorned by rocks or coral caves are very large. Well, with respect to its name, because it is said first cave was used as a place for meditation on the shore of the Chinese people. For the same prohibition to the beach pickpocket Dead, which should not swim hehehe. So just can see the magnitude waves I certainly tempting.

Well that's my review briefly about the tourist attractions of the Dead and Goa Chinese pickpocket in Malang. If you are located in Malang or want to calm the mind for a moment, then pickpocket Off the coast could be an option where you travel. In addition to beautiful scenery, the place does have charm and the story of each. So how, if you are planning a vacation in the near future? If not, do not be put ya hehe.