Halo everyone, welcome to my 'Beauty Journal'. My name is Maryah Ulpah. You can call me, Ulpah. I love make up, henna, design, and all about arts, so much. Since I was a little girl, I liked drawing, sketching, and others. I liked drawing on hands of my friends (re: henna but I used my color pens) at the classroom (Elementary school until High school).. oh can you imagine? I always 'pecicilan' :p When I continued my study in the University, I rarely did my hobbies like drawing, etc. Just focus with my study and the organizations. Sometimes I spent my free time to learn all about make up, not only to do make up with my friends but also hijab and make up tutorials. I enjoyed every minutes of it. Now, I'm still loving and learning all about make up. Because I want to put my passion in the better phase. So, we can share about make up and beauty tips here! :)