When a women going to party or meeting or meet  with important person, she will search a good style like a dress. Who this is one really like a Dress?? HAHAHAHA you can thumbs up and I will choose you LOL. Today I want to share to you how I will combine my dress with stocking.

I hate stocking but when wheather  is cold I need this. So, I’m going to Puncak and using this outfit . I’m really so good hahaha (I’m self-praise LOL)


I really love this outfit and like so much the stocking black, it make my style look so good hahaha. Getting good outfit make me so comfortable to show up my pose hahaha and I don't know firstly how to get amazing picture, but I try slowly. I'm not a model, just influncer who make a simple outfit be a popular style. 

The other picture, and I'm not editting and it's look not good. 

I'm not using sneakers or the other shoes, cause I want to show a good stocking. I love this dress too and thank God my arm not fat hahahaha 
When I imagine my arm so fat it's terrible and every people who look at this post can judge me, I'm sorry I'm negatif thingking, and well it's not happen hahahaha.

so, what are you thingking about my outfit?Let me know it. Please coment in below. See you in the next post :)