Hello Gorgeous!It's been a long not to post here. I'm not busy but I don't have idea for what I want shared for you. So, I think no need sharing anyting and spending my time sleep and eat hahaha LOL.

Ok, now I want to post about birthday. It's not my birthday anyway, so you don't afraid to provide a gift hahaha. This is my bf birthday. Before, He was spoken to me about how he was celebration his birthday. He never receive a cake cause his mother always cooked long noodles and egg. So, I can image his feeling when his birthday and no cake, no candle, and no celebration cause I have experienced such conditions. 

25 April 2018 It's his birthday, but I celebration in 22 April 2018 cause I was lied to. And I'm not angry cause I have a lot of time spending with him hahahaha.  After church, I'm always thingking what I wanna do? I'm not have a friend to discuss about that :) just alone. So, I decide to buy a cake and flower. 

First time buying a flower it's like what the hell hahaha cause I never do it for a man. but I'm happy can do it for my lovely person. After allready done, i'm going to his home. Getting online car, and arrive at his home, found him, his father and the other familly. I'm very so shame hahahaha I'm like a little child who wanna bring a bucket flower LOL. 

Look at my LOL face :)
I'm always thingking about my relationship, it's very difficult and complicated but I hope everyting oke in the future. So, in his birthday I pray for his health, his future, carrier and his job. I hope he is  can be a good man, be adult, be responsible and always care for me, love his familly too. The best for him. 

Not forget  to talk my outfit, I want post about my lovely outfit. cause I really love this jacket. No branded anyway hahaha 

Jacket + hotpants is perpect outfit I think cause it's not formal too but elegant. I wanna trying with a high heels but not work cause my foot was scratched. It's not comfortable when i walking. 
and I don't know what your opinion maybe not deal with me, but I thing every people have a different style for a fashion. 

Thank you :)