Hello my readers!!!
First I wanna say 'Happy New Year' to all my readers.
Now, I wanted to share about my late birthday. It was really late cause I'm not have much time to wrote in my blog, so that it was.

My birthday it was 28 Desember. I really love that month cause not only my birthday but it was Christmas day. Every christian people celebrate of christmas. every mall we can found christmas tree and it was really beautifull, and we can hear song and bell was ringing. My heart so warm. 

I'm celebrate it in one of mall In Indonesia it was Kota Kasablanca and I'm forgot what name of the restaurant cause I'm really excited. 

Before that day, my love came to my house at 12.00 am. I'm asleep. Suddenly, I'm woke up cause I'm hear someting wrong and once again my door tapped. Oh someone knock my door and I don't know who was he. Take the liberty, I opened the door and he stand up in front of my door and he say " Happy Birthday" I'm really surprize and shock too cause how was he can came to my house. He hug me and giving me a flowers and cake. It was so cute and romantic ( I know you envy haha).

at that day, we were order the restaurant and waiting my guest. Just my familly like sisters, brothers and nephew came and bring me cake and gift too. 

I'm 28 now and still young LOL. I want to say thank you so much for my familly who always giving me a support, pray and help me to searcing solution in every my problem. I never giving to them a best thing for now but I hope I've oppurtunity to reply that.

For my lovely, thank you for came to my house and bring me a special thing and you know I'm really really happy. I'm sorry if that day i'm not excited but in my deepest heart i'm happy. I hope we were be fine for a long time, and you got a good job and be a good man to me. 

For my readers, thank you for your support and pray, I hope u be blessed too.