Hai my sweet readers!! I'm sory if I share anything without a plan cause this blog is my random life. I can't have a good blog or site like other blogger, they have a plan for they blog because they're to get paid, a hobby, or other. But I'm really like to read the blogger who share they life activities and make that like a story or diari.
so this is a OOTD want to share for you. 

women or a girl always thingking hard what they using for going to somewhere and they wanna look good and perfect. Everyone have different style in fashion and it make various types of clothes popping up especially fashion designers. They can realize one's desire in designing a fashion and make it's so amazing look.

But I'm a simple fashion. I'm just dressed that I think is good for me to use. I prefer to combine shirts with skirts and jeans with t-shirts.

I want to share with you from some of the ootds I've been using this week. It's not a lot, I just wear some kind of clothes, so let's check it out :)


OOTD one ; I'm using a black blazer from MAGNOLIA COLLCETION, I mix with a sleeveless and skirt pants, both of that from no brand but it support my good outfit.  When I'm using all of them, it's as seen in poto. I'm look like a secretary or business women or officer hahha LOL. 

#OOT 2

OOTD 2: For my second outfit, I'm using a jeans and top with short sleeves, I'm buying from BAZAR, I know it's not from a branded too (I'm very skimp LOL every women know what I'm mean), and bags from BRUN-BRUN, this is a new product from Paris but I just buying it from Indonesia in Kota Kasablanca Mall. So, you can using this my sample second ootd to mall, meeting friend in cafe.


OOTD 3: And the third for my ootd is very formal outfit. I'm using that for worship in church. Used long-sleeved clothes from BERSHAKA and trousers. I'm really love this liege. It's make me really tall and elegant HAHAHA. I'm just laugh when I'm wrote this post :)

I really happy can be sharing my ootd to you and if you like my ootd you can see my instagram @elsasilalahiii please follow and let me know. 

So, that's all from my outfit for this week. I hope u enjoy read this post and please give me a comment and please don't bad a comment hehehe 

See You,