Long time no post and I’m really excited to share my story to all of you.

It’s 6.00 AM I’m went to beach in Ancol with my nephews, sisters. To spend my morning time with them, it was really good. I’m laugh, smile, and I’m like a child too, cause my sister like my Mom. It was sound good yeach!!

Played with children it was so nice. Collecting sand and building houses on the beach and then Splashing seawater and making all wet clothes.

Don’t forget, I’m used fashion clothes too!!
Using Tank Top, hotpants and Hat it was a perfect fashion I think.  It was all of pink colours. I love that colours cause so soft. All of the clothes weren’t branded. I love simple fashion but glamours too.Ha.!!

Let’s to check that!!

The place was so good now. Every weekend so crowded, every people coming to visit with their familly. Besides cheap, that place so comfortable for children. They play so much like my nephew.Ha. 

If you want to know that, you coming to Indonesia and visit Ancol Beach. Indonesia people especially Jakarta city know so well about that. 

Thank you for reading my post and please give a comment in below.

See u in next post!!!

Elsa Silalahi