Hello everyone I know u thingking something now, but I want u to cull your time to read my post.
Ok, now I want to share my special day with who want to read my post.
It's wednesday, before that day I already get leave from my office and my boss give only one day, but I'm happy cause my Bos really nice person. He always understand what I want hahahaha.

Before I told about my special day, I want to share little story behind my event. I and He already discussion about my party. and plan how to decorated that room. and at the night I'm fighted with him and want to finished with him. I'm very so sad really sad cause in with my deepest heart I want to celebration with him but it was become a mess. I were cry a long that night. I resigned but I'm tried to supported  my self and say 'yup I'm alright and all will go smoothly. Wake up, take my phone and calling my sister to help me decoration that room and she can.

And It's my BIRTHDAY....yeaaaachhhh.....
That's a little party of my brithday. I only invite my familly, my sister, brother and my nephew. It was 18.00 WIB  I and my sister order grab and waiting go to there. I celebration in The Royal Jade Restaurant and Fuction Hall, Seoson City. I got the place from him. An hour later, I arrive in the Royal Jade Restaurant and recepsionist told to me my room not yet ready so I will waiting. At 18.00 WIB the servant tell that the room was ready. So I and my sister go to the first floor of my room. And tadaaaaaa.....oh My God. My room so cute, there was a balloon, and my theme party it was blue-white. I don't know who decoration that room. He know that I want. I look at around and asking to the waiters who decoration and he told there were 2 person that was a man. and it's surprise from him. I really happy and I want cring cause I though he didn't care to my birthday. It was so simple but it was make heart so happy.

I waiting him. I though he come after decoration that room but he still not coming. I'm so sad. I send him message to coming. but he always give many reason. He though I'm still angry with him and make me uncomfortable if he coming. I calling him and told I'm not angry to him anymore. I'm very happy and I want he was with me. a few moments later, someone open the door I though it was a waiter but yeachhhh it was him. I'm giving a big smile. yeach finally it's a good party HAHAHA

I want to thank u for him for giving me surprise and thank u for coming and celebration together. Thank you for my sister, brother and my nephew for coming and presents...HAHHAHAHA

I hope with my new age, I will be a good person, getting my dream job and hope I will can open my new galery :))

It was may special day and thank u for reading :) see u :*