Hi Everyone... Gimana kabarnya? Hope you all doing fine.

I am so happy writing this post,( this pictures going to have a lot of pictures ^_^ )  like to share this kinda post hopefully It can embrace a positive thoughts for all of us. Not pointing that what I do is perfect, It's just whatever it is as long as you do with all your heart everything is gonna be awesome and memorized.

As you all know ( and for those who don't know ), I work as a full time teacher in one of private school in my city. Witama National Plus School. You can take a look exactly the school I work at Witama School.
I also have my own tutoring service for students who need more practice and exercise in their lesson. I have run this service for around 8 years.
I love teaching, I like sharing knowledge with people. Teaching is like my soul and there was a time when I didn't do teaching and It just brought me to another world and I missed my teaching practice at that time.

Take a look at my pictures taken at school.

Not only teaching, my passion goes to do MC. Yap. I have done MC since primary school. Been designated to be MC for assembly or for other activities out of school. I've never attend any PR or Public Communication School. As far I know, be an MC for any occasions or events is not easy. We need special talent and ability to actually being center of attention.
Do MC is what I like to do. Here's some pictures taken my latest MC-ing at school. These days I've never taken MC Job outside my school. The last one I did is for my friend's event. Unfortunately I don't have the pic because It's happened loooong ago. when I still was at senior high school. ( It's very long time ago, I know )
Me as MC at Study Trip from other school

Me as MC at Graduation of Class of 2016

Above is the latest event I MC-ed. And It's gonna be in detail and deep in another post.
And I blog!
Yap. I love blogging. It's a platform for us to be acknowledged for our hard working and passion we have. And I really hope my blog could give values, ideas and even be my readers' inspiration. You can read my latest blog post at Hydrate Your Lips.

Before I click publish button let me share you my make up products for my daily work in case you are wondering.

See you on my next post! Have a great days a head everyone. Stay blessed.