Hi everyone...  

Have ever found your lips so dry and dehydrate? Worry no more! I am gonna share with you guys what product can be used for soften, kissable and moisturize your lips! So it's gonna look even and keep it hydrate!

Three Variants Love Nature Lip Balm
 From the picture above you guys can see how Oriflame Love Nature Lip Balm products come with cute mini adorable clear jar. It was launched last year actually and so many people love it. Not only for its cute packaging but how it works to hydrate our lips!

It's enriched with amazing natural extracts, Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry! Therefore they have 3 range products so you can choose which one is right for you, or you just choose all three like I did! My most fave is Raspberry with raspberry extract actually. 
I use them anytime I need them, after shower, in a midday when the lips need more protection and nourishing! 
Apparently this lip balm gives nice hint colors on the lips. They're coral, pink and red shade leaving on lips. So, It's not only giving what our lips needs, like hydrating and softening but also leaving nice sheer colors! 
Adorable, Isn't It? ^_^

Anyhow, we all need products that worth every penny. We buy not only products so we can use or wear them but the benefits in it! 

Below is the picture of each love nature lip balm.

Love Nature Lip Balm - Raspberry

Love Nature Lip Balm - Cherry

Love Nature Lip Balm - Strawberry
Price for each product is IDR. 69.000,- 
You can contact your Oriflame consultant to get yours! 

See you on my next post! ^_^