Good morning beautiful people

Ready to start your day with fresh feeling?
I am sure you do! and here's some products I show you and be ready to place them in your favorite  list!


Sariayu never stops being innovative and creative to grow and create beauty products to their loyal customers. I am one of them! I love this brand for so many reasons. Always mention how natural they are, comes with good packaging, and reasonable prices a.k.a not expensive.

Sariayu Putih Langsat Series is way more worth to buy it for ladies.
Why? Read until finish ya ladies!

Sariayu Putih Langsat Series
 1. Body Scrub
First time I tried this product, I am so satisfied!
I love its natural scent with so refreshing scrub. It wont dry your skin!
It exfoliates and moisturizes your body. Just  scoop out a generous amount of it  and spread between your hands. Gently and then  rub onto the body using circular motions and rinse. So clean and fresh. oh ya It's rich in Vitamin C and provitamin B5. Langsat fruit and hibiscus extract. Those formulas to skin bright, soft, smooth and supple skin.

 2. Facial Foam.
One of our routine in the morning is to fresh ready start our face skin
Wash them with good and natural product like this one
Sariayu Putih Langsat Facial Foam.
It cleans dust, dirt and excess oil on your face. It softens and makes face feels fresh right after you use it.
But from my experience, It does not clean up heavy make up. No worries ladies, use your make up remover first and then wash your face with this facial foam and feel fresh. So easy and comfortable. Once again, I love the scent.
Facial Foam
 3. Moisturizer
as It claims at the right back packaging "Facial moisturizer containing Langsat fruit Extract, Hibiscus flower Extract, Vitamin C and Pro Vitamin B5. Specially formulated to make the skin feel supple, fresh and looks bright in 5 weeks."
remember, It's not only about how expensive and branded your make up is. But It's how you keep your face soft and bright. Sariayu Putih Langsat Moisturizer does it all!  I really recommend it.
 4. Body Lotion
Deodorant and your perfume are matching. Your body lotion should have good scent and cares deeply your skin. Sariayu Putih Langsat Body Lotion have it all.
Skin moisturizes, brightening your skin and protect your skin from the harmful or sunlight.
I really recommend it!
Body Lotion

So, what do you think guys? Ready to have freshen start your day?
Be Ready!

Have a blessed day everyone.