Hi Everyone

For this post I am gonna show you what's in my teacher bag
as a  a full time teacher in a private school, I always bring some daily essentials with me
Yes, I work in the morning until evening. We spend most of our time at school so, make sure we bring anything we need whole day!

Picture below is my big red teacher handbag  
Honestly I bring a laptop bag along with me to school most of the time
but when I do not have many classes then I will just bring this bag with me
Oh ya I, of course have my lunch and my water bottle but I just do not take a picture of them
because I just wanna show you what is in my teacher bag

Recently my teacher's bag

Here's what I can show you what's inside my bag 
No junks! Trust me  ^_^ 

My Grading Book, Teacher Binder, School books and Dictionary. Also the book I recently read it when I am free
Oat Bar for Snack and Never forget Wet Tissue
Smart phone along with my white hands free for good music
Make Up Bags! ^_^ Never forget
Okay for what's in my bag I carry simple stuffs only
  • Small Perfume, I have my Evelyn Edp, Blossom series  ( it's almost finish I need to repurchase it soon. because it's so smell good and most important it's not expensive )
  • My Brushes ( It's already old but I cant just throw it away because it's soft and comfortable for me to use it )
  • My hand sanitizer from Vivelle
  • My Mascara, very me fat lash mascara from Oriflame
  • My Blush on from Maybelline ( when it's finished I always repurchase it. good product)
  • My Lipstick, The One from Oriflame in Nude Beige Color. 
  • My Moisture Gloss from Silky Girl in the color Dazzling Pink 
  • My on the go Compact Powder, Clear smooth all in one shine free cake powder from Maybelline in the color Sand Beige 
  • My Kayu Putih oil from Cap Lang with aromatherapy! Love it!
  • My teacher badge!
Glasses and Pens
Last but not least, I always carry my extra glasses, and of course every teachers' weapon Marker, Pen and Pencils! I love my job ^_^

So guys, what do you have in your working bag? Is it as simple as I have?Let's share on the comment box!

Till the next post

Have a blessed day everyone.