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Untuk post yang satu ini I trained my self how to cut crease.
This technique is actually required a Professional MUA. But anyway I am far away from any MUA Technique. I am new in make up and stuff. I love make up but I am not insisting to be a MUA. Maybe someday, or maybe soon I'll call my self a MUA Pro.

For this look, I am not using much make up because It's for daily look.

Here's what I am using to create the look
I forget to put my blush on photo. I m using maybelline blush.

Cut crease have to be shown ( visibility )  your V - Shape liner with bold and stunning shade.
You should use 3 tone of eye shadow ( Dark, Medium and Light )
You start with a medium toned shadow and apply it on the eyelid from the lash line to the crease and along the lower lash line. Then create a sharp crease using a precision brush and the darkest shade. It's all about blending. But You have to make sure that the color of your shade match from light to dark.
Then highlight under the brow bone. ( well all the theory does not really going well on mine ) But anyway here's my look for today post ^_^

Apparently this technique help to make my eyes more a wide and I think it's pretty well also on my eye make up.( maksaaa :p )

My eye look 

Did you see my V - Shape line? If yes then I think I am doing it well. lol
It's not really visible but I have tried ( my best ) :)

Why do I say this look is very simple?
It's clearly you can see my look is so natural, all you need is only brown to yellow light eyeshadow. I only use BB Cream and concealer to highlight my crease and on my face. and use compact powder to seal everything up.

Okay guys, hope you like my recent post. and I'll see you guys on another post.

Thank you for the support and I hope I could do post more.

Have a blessed day everyone.