Who doesn’t like DISCOUNT? Can’t you read it clearly? D-I-S-C-O-U-N-T. Everyone does! Prepare your wallet and save your penny. Why? Because Zalora will give you the best deal on Singles Day 1111 with Zalora.
What’s so hurry about that? Well, because not just one brand will participate on Singles Day 1111 with Zalora but Nike, Mango, Something Borrowed, Palomino Bag, Salt n Paper, ZALORA COLLECTION, etc will up there. Better prepare for your internet connection for sure, once you missed, it will be sold out. Don’t worry about payment, if you prefer Cash On Delivery, Zalora makes sure it’s available for 100 cities and counties around Indonesia.
ZALORA Indonesia offers the ease of latest woman and men fashion shopping, all of them are branded and trendy. Make sure you save the date, NOVEMBER, 11th 2016. Aaaaaand surprise 2 days extention! All about Zalora always full of surprise that you can't handle it. Don’t ever miss it!

Next surprise is just come

Everyone loves shopping, that’s why Zalora prepare the National Online Shopping Day for us. What will you get? ONLINE DISCOUNT PARTY. Party like never before. Keep this in your mind, your note, your smartphone or anywhere that high possibilities to be seen often. Start 10thDecember, a lot of fashion, food, beauty even travel retail will make a special offer for three days non-stop. That will be a huge regret to skip. Now it's that easy to shop online, make sure you don't miss any because I'm leaving this link for you. Direct to Zalora and all of their complete information about crazy sale there. 

Prepare yourself for biggest sale of the year!

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