07th March 2018

Hy girls,
Welcome back to my blog.

Powder is the popular cosmetic that almost every girls has. It's the most important part of make up. How many powder that you have girls? I have only 2, for day and night make up.

Today I'll review about powder, yaass my lately powder. Purbasari Oil Control Matte Powder  shade Natural. I have looked for oil control powder for a long time because I have an oily skin type, hiks, it makes me so hard to find powder to handle it.

As a blogger I love to blog walking and I saw beauty bloggers have review about this product on their blog and they said it's a good product with a very friendly price of course, and finally I decided to try it out.

Did you girls here don't know Purbasari? I don't think so! It's a very legendary local brand. After issued lipsticks, Purbasari introduced their latest product which is Purbasari Oil Control Matte Powder. Would you like to know what is it? Read on!

A quick look:
Brand             : Purbasari
Product type : Oil Control Matte Powder
Qty                  : 12 g
Shade             : Natural
Price               : Rp 21.000
Availability   : Online shops, drugstores or beauty shops

Sadly, the powder comes in 2 shades, which are Honey Beige and Natural, I think it isn't enough to fulfill so many Indonesian girls' skin tone. There was no sample when I bought it on Watson Gajah Mada Plaza, so I chose shade Natural for my medium to dark skin tone, I think it will look better on me.

Creating a natural matte finish as it hydrates and protect from UV rays. Hydra Series Matte Powder help brighten with natural long lasting wear.

The powder comes in a plain black simply plastic packaging. The whole case comes neatly with its black doff simply box, however, it's okay, it doesn’t look cheap. Easy to pack in a makeup pouch to take to work with you if needed.

The shade name, number and others information are written behind of the case. 

Inside the case, you will find a mirror and minimalist sponge applicator which I never use it just doesn't work well together, it feels isn't soft enough.


The texture of the powder is very smooth and silky. It's super affordable and is a good powder to have in your kit for your natural daily use. This  powder goes on smooth and is comfortable to wear. It has a sweet fragrance but it doesn't bother me that much because the fragrance is gone when the powder applied on my face. 

It blends onto my skin effortlessly and makes my face look smooth and flawless. It gives a beautiful luminous matte finish to my skin. It sets my foundation well and covers minor blemishes well. If you have major blemishes then you will need to use a concealer. Don't forget to use primer or moisturizer for maximal finish.

I have oily skin type and I have noticed when I use the powder by itself my skin gets really oily, but when used with this powder, it controls my oiliness face well. It left my skin feeling nice all day and there was no creasing. It works surprisingly well. I love how this product gives me a flawless, shine-free finish throughout the day without cracking. I think it really helps to control the oil.

If the powder starts to faded, don't worry to retouch, it's a normal thing to retouch makeup whenever you needed. I have been using it since 3 weeks past and I will use it till the end of it. Proudly to say "buatan lokal cyin".

(+) Matte finish
(+) Medium coverage
(+) Controls shine for up to 5 hours
(+) Travel friendly packaging
(+) Friendly price
(+) The color stays true even on oily skin
(+) Available online or offline

(-) Comes with only 2 shades
(-) Sponge applicator is pretty less useful, feels isn't soft enough.

Another mind:
  • If you're someone that likes a light-medium coverage you would probably like this product alone too.
  • If you have dry skin, make sure to apply primer or moisturizer to avoid blotchy patches.
  • If you have oily skin, you would need retouch more often.
  • Apply the powder with smoother sponge or brush for more natural finish.

It's not the best powder out there but for the price, I feel it's a great product and I definitely recommend it, trust me it will amaze you. Hope this review helps. Leave your comment down if you have tried this powder too. Thanks for reading, see you on my next post.