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—– spoilers include —–

I actually find this movie by random picking, and at first I thought this is Kingdom (Japanese movie) last year when I prepared for my thesis defense. It has every elements which I not too keen, such as Colossal, Throne War, and Bloody Action/Gore, yet the Zombie theme really excites me, After watching season 1, I’m craving for season 2.

Let’s break it (just a lil’ bit) from Season 1!

From The Swoon’s Youtube titled [Behind the Scenes] The making of a Joseon zombie apocalypse, they called Season 1 as You Knew Hunger and Season 2 as Blood Will Spill. The video basically about season 2 highlights, please watch it after you finish season 1!

Season 1 basically just the beginning of man-turned-zombie thing. At first, I thought it because cannibalism, which fascinated me like WOW it’s new! Usually people becomes zombie because virus or such, right? But later, you’ll find out that the plague’s origin is a flower from medical physician’s journal.

To be honest, in the first episode, I’m not paying attention to what I watch because it’s about family/throne’s conflict between Lee Chang (the crown prince), the queen, and the queen’s father, Cho Hakju. The king’s rumored to be dead from sickness (it’s true tho), yet revived by his physician into zombie. Yes, the king is the very first zombie that this series introduced.

Lee Chang was forbidden from seeing his father by the young queen and then he decided to ventured out to Dongnae with Muyeong, his loyal guard (I can’t remember why he ventured, sorry) and then he discovered a village in ruins. Turns out, it because the villager turned into zombie after eating human-flesh soup. Then, Lee Chang started to fight the zombie who rise when the sun set down there and went to Sangju to meet Ahn Hyeon.

Season 1 ends with Lee Chang being chased down by the zombie who surprisingly still up in the middle of the day. Too much cliffhanger, I can’t handle really. There’s one plot about season 1 that I must tell, the young queen’s pregnancy was fake, instead she was feeding another pregnant women to claim their child as her later.

That’s it a (not so) lil’ detailed plot for season 1 haha the zombie fight is just so so, mostly it was just trying to escape fight. If you want to see a real fight, watch season 2. It’s more gruesome with many beheaded scenes. I don’t want to spill the plot too much for season 2 but I’m going to tell you the highlights.

  1. Seobi, the physician from Dongnae, will be the one who discovered many things about the zombies and the plague. Like why the zombies can show up in the middle of the day, the plague’s real origin, a way to not-turn-into-zombie-when-bitten-by-them, the actual reason villager in Dongnae become zombie, and many more. Please root for her she is the only clever person in the series!
  2. Muyeong’s betrayal which leads to his sad ending 😭 WHY MUYEONG?? I understand the reason you do that but why you believe them?? It won’t go as you want, you know that!
  3. Ahn Hyeon, the character who I thought I will resented (he looks suspicious and ready to ‘kill’ Lee Chang tho), turns out the one who helps him the most, until his very end, twice. 😭
  4. Beompal stole my heart so fast with his character! From the one who good-for-nothing to someone with bigger role in the future. His presence uplifted the tense-zombie scene, especially in the finale ❤
  5. The queen’s claimed-son was Muyeong’s son with a real royal blood (?), actually I still don’t understand this part, maybe I’ll know better when I watch it again.
  6. Ah, suddenly I remember Seobi’s tremendous act to save the son from zombie’s horde, SHE PUT FIERY CAPE OMG

Okay, it’s not highlight, it just my favorite scenes HAHA. The blood really spill in season 2, many. It much more interesting and playing with your emotions. Lee Chang literally lost everything and gain nothing from this whole mess 😦 imagine, after you fight zombie’s horde all-night long and then you back and being asked “what happen to you last night?” wow, ignorance is a bliss indeed.

Thank God, season 2 end with a rather happy ending, and not a cliffhanger one! The plague stops for 7 years (in the end you’ll see the plague will soon spreading again), Lee Chang mature version was so hot (sorry haha), and Jun Jihyun’s cameo for her upcoming character in the series! So excited for season 3!

You know, I just realized that the original story for this series is from YLAB’s webtoon. Like, everything just make sense now–now I know why I like this story! HAHA It makes me wondering about the son’s name tho, if he is the Jyu, then it will become more interesting later I bet.

Last word, please watch Kingdom!! It’s not my usual genre for drama yet I recommended it for you guys, so WATCH IT NOW OKAY?!