If I have to pick one of the most challenging fabric, it would be organza. Not because I don't like it but every time I try on outfit which has organza material either on the sleeves or whole silhouette, it often causes skin irritation. That's why whenever I see cute tops or dresses made from organza, I am  just going to skip it because I know my skin would not accept it. Maybe it could be the material problem or my skin is just way too sensitive - until that moment when I scrolled through FEMMELUXE website, and I found this super cute polka dots mesh top.

Talking about pattern trend for the upcoming spring 2020, polka dots aren't going anywhere and we can expect there would be lots of polka dots tops, bottoms, and dresses during this season especially the bigger size of polka dots. Thus, I decided to challenge myself (again) and order this white mesh polka dots sleeve top from FEMMELUXE. When it arrived few weeks later, I was amazed with the material and when I tried it on, it's slightly itchy indeed - but less itchy compared to other brands I tried before and I really adore the oversize puffy sleeves, adorable!
Once I got it washed, this mesh top is completely comfortable and perfect to be styled with any kind of bottoms. I paired it with emerald green flare long trouser to give it a little color but still look neutral, then I complete whole look with silver pumps and pearl earrings. How do you think about this look ? Would you wear this trend for spring ?

Top : FemmeLuxe // Bottom : Uniqlo // Bag : VNC