Hair wigs in Mumbai

Everyone has a unique feeling about hair loss, but they follow different ways in dealing the hair loss. Hair loss does have an impact on self-esteem and self-confidence. Beautiful and comfortable hair wigs and hair extensions will help in boosting the confidence and regain the beauty.

Hair extensions and hair wigs at Hairline Mumbai clinic are designed as a solution for hair loss caused due to different medical conditions like alopecia, radiation, and chemotherapy.

In the shedding stage of hair, we can feel the sensitivity of the scalp. At Hairline Mumbai, the inner layers of our unique hair wigs and extensions made with extremely soft and lightweight materials for the customer comfort. We can prevent the lost hair from sticking inside the wig by using the soft cotton layer in the wig or women's hair extension.

What is hair wig?

Hair wig is an artificial hair system, will be fixed on the scalp to cover the baldness. According to the customer scalp dimensions and existing texture of hair, it will be customized and fixed on the scalp.

Different Kind of Hairline wigs or Extensions at Hairline Clinic Mumbai:
Synthetic hair wigs:

Synthetic hair wigs are made up of normal lightweight density hair and extremely lightweight material for a natural appearance. These are very easy to care and require very little maintenance and styling. These synthetic wigs are excellent solutions for patients looking for hair wigs or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.