Get Your New Mustache & Beard with Hairline Clinic Andheri West, Mumbai


Mustache and beard are the common traits of men. The mustache and beard hair transplantation will be done on the men to give new hair to the existing mustache and beard. Hairline international clinic is offering mustache, body, and beard hair transplant in Andheri Mumbai at a very affordable cost. As a symbol of their manhood, status, and strength men are growing their mustache or beard. Beard and mustache hair transplant will be performed on the men who are suffering from patchy hair loss or less hair growth on the beard, mustache, and sideburns. Burns, heredity, accidental stitches or surgical scars could be the reason for patchy hair loss.

Facial Hair Transplantation in Andheri Mumbai

Facial hair transplantation is the procedure that restores hair, where facial hair is missing or thinning. Facial hair transplant is usually performed on beard, mustache, eyebrows, and goatee, sideburns, and cheeks. Facial hair transplant can also be performed to correct women's eyebrows and to conceal sort of scars of boys. Not having facial hair could be because of surgery, laser hair removal, genetics, burns or injury, the purpose of this technique can contrast from a minor filling or slight inclusion of a limited territory to the full restoration of a thick, full goatee or facial hair. Follicular unit grafting is opted to best performed for facial hair transplantation procedures and follicular unit extraction would choose by many patients to avoid the linear scar on the donor area.

Beard Hair Transplantation in Mumbai

Like the scalp hair transplantation procedure, the hair for facial hair transplant will be taken from the back or sides of the scalp. Once transplanted, the new hair is permanent and grows like other facial hair with similar texture and other characteristics In men's points of view, beard hair gives more confidence. Many are suffering from not having beard hair. With the advancement in the trichology hairline international clinic is offering mustache and beard hair transplantation in Andheri Mumbai for the men in need of beard and mustache hair.

Eyebrow Transplant in Mumbai

Eyebrow hair is an indication of aging. The perfect eyebrows are the indication of teenage, eyebrow hairline recedes as we become older. but at a young age also some people's eyebrows will be thinning because of illness or scarring. The best part is the hairline international clinic is offering eyebrow hair transplant in Mumbai by the experienced and ISHRS surgeons. The most important in eyebrow hair transplant is choosing the right hair transplant surgeon.