Finally, I’m back! It’s been a while since I got stuck and wasn’t able to write anything. And here I am trying to write anything that pops in my head while listening to some upbeat songs.

A few days ago, I went to my first Comic Con in Indonesia. Indonesia Comic Con (ICC) 2019 was held from October 12 to 13. I went on Sunday (day two) because my friend’s graduation happened on the same day. Honestly, I didn’t plan to go to Comic Con, it was a spontaneous act, and it turns out to be the best festival that I ever went to.

After I went to my friend’s graduation–congratulated her, gave her present, and took photos together–which was held on the same venue (different hall), I and my other friends redeem the tickets and ready to have fun!!

I, literally, just went there and don’t know what to do. So I just ended up seeking freebies at first. I got coffee, ice cream, stickers, and lighters. Some booth giving it for free and some giving it through games. From Bumilangit booth for example, there was Sri Asih Punching Bag Challenge which gave free lighter for every challenger. If we got a score higher than the set target, we got the better prize such as a bag or t-shirt.

When I realize that there were Marvel’s booth and other booths which selling Marvel’s merchandises, I got excited. I looked for Iron Man’s merch but it got sold out so fast 😦 I don’t know there are so many Iron Man fans here. At least, I got a very cute glow-in-the-dark Groot’s tee so I feel satisfied.

While walking around the booths, there was a performance in Wonder Stage by DJ Orutaku. The DJ got everyone’s attention by playing some 90’s anime OST and remixing some of it with dangdut (Indonesian folk genre). It was so splendid and made me feeling nostalgic. Then, I got excited when I found a booth (sorry, I forget the name) which selling key chains, magnets, and earrings of Indonesian snacks, drinks, foods, and even some fast foods. It’s so cute and got me to spend my money to buy one. (Thank you, cute things indeed my weakness)

Another booth that wowed me was Eastwood Gun’s. They made DIY wood guns loaded by rubber bands. OMG, it was WOW! I can’t remember the guns’ type, so you can check it on their Instagram if you are interested. The creator said that their guns got sold out just in two hours after Comic Con’s opening. I wasn’t shocked because it was THAT awesome. You must try it for yourself!

I didn’t realize, I spend way too much time (than what I planned) there. It past 6 PM when we decided to go home because one of us still have an exam the next day. Before we went back, we walked around the official booths section (there was official booths and community booths) for one more time, because we spend more time in community booths (it’s cheaper! hehe). I went to Marvel’s booth once again and still couldn’t find my Iron Man 😦

Then I went to Line’s booth and saw their event. You got a random prize (by spinning the wheel) if you buy one official sticker. I tried it, hoping I got Brown cushion, but my not-so-good-luck gave me Brown hand fan. Actually, before we decided to go home, I saw my favorite comic artist staying in Bumilangit’s booth. I really want to take a picture together but got scared it bothers him (also, he was surrounded by the staff).

After some feeling of shyness and scared moment, I suddenly got my courageness after winning the hand fan. I went back to Bumilangit’s booth and luckily he wasn’t surrounded by the staff anymore. I went to him and asked him to take a picture together and he agreed. Wah, I feel so happy at that moment. I tried to talk to him but the nervousness win me and I was speechless–and the situation got awkward when my mouth just mumbling words I-don’t-even-remember-what. I thanked him and run to my friend. I can finally go home at peace now, I thought. My heart was still fluttering til exit door.

Remembering this, it just so funny I got so excited with someone I could meet anytime rather than the guest stars. I don’t even care when the guest stars appear on stage (I’m sorry). But, it was the best way to end Comic Con for me haha. I went to several similar events but I think Comic Con was my best experience. I never-ever went to an event that made me forget about the time.

Thank you for my friend who just graduated, you are the reason I could go to Comic Con, and also for my two other friends who accompanied me. It was a wonderful weekend!