Assalamualaikum and hello guys,

Who knew that face painting could bring a great deal of fun? The current rising trend in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia parties is face painting. Adults and children alike are highly interested in getting their face painted. Whether you decide to have a single sparkle on your cheeks or get a full-face painting, you cannot deny how much fun and joy it adds to your part. 

Here are some reasons why you should have face painting activity at your party: 

Suitable for all ages
As mentioned before, all groups of people enjoy face painting. For example, little girls would want cute and loving designs while little boys would want superheroes painted on their face. Adult women would love an extra glam on their face. Definitely, face painting caters to all ages and people. So, do not be afraid that it would not seem fun or exciting to others. No matter who you are, get your face painted now!

Suitable for various events 
I know you have been wondering which kind of events face painting would be suitable for. Do not worry, there are various types of events that you can incorporate face painting into! For example, corporate events, family day, kids’ birthday parties and private events for your family and friends. Whatever event it is, face painting would add great value to it! 

Occupies guests time 
Ever been to a birthday party and not knowing what to do after singing happy birthday? We have all been to a birthday party with so many people and not knowing what you can do together. But with the face painting activity, you can keep all your guests engaged and happy. They could go around and try out amazing designs on their faces. It could keep them all occupied with something and would have so much fun together. Besides face painting, we also offer other party services such as balloon sculpting, caricature artist and sand art activity for kids.

Various Designs 
Do not have a specific theme for your party? Do not know what your guests will like? You will not have to worry; the face painting service comes with various designs and colours your guests could choose from. The only thing that the guest will be concerned about is how and which design to choose! And of course, who would not want a party full of pretty people in various colours, would they? So, what are you waiting for? Paint your event the way you want it to be!

Different types of face painting
Of course, when we say painting, the first thing that pops up in your mind is the normal paint we use on paper or canvas, but face painting has different types as well. For example, UV glow in the dark face painting, glitter paints and so much more! You can choose a specific type or different ones to spice up your event a little. Your guests will definitely have so much fun exploring face painting!

Now that you know how wonderful face painting could be, you might wonder where you can hire someone for these services right? 

Look no more! Colorz Event provides the best face painting services in Kuala Lumpur area. They have great deals and offers for you. Their team provides face painting packages that are child friendly and have options for glitter and temporary tattoos. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with them via phone or email to hire a face painter for your event now!

Bye for now.