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After the rebranding, in 2013, Hoka Hoka Bento transforms into a fresh and friendly name, Hokben. Just simply, Hokben. They came out with this name because, when they still used Hoka Hoka Bento, most of their customers mostly said, Hokben instead of Hoka Hoka Bento.  

As a Japanese fast-food restaurant, Hokben is expanding and growing its franchise in many big cities in Indonesia. Their first restaurant was in 1985 under the name of Hoka Hoka Bento which means "Steaming Bento" ( Bento is actually a Japanese style lunch box which holds rice or noodles, fish, meat and also vegetables in one container ), under the licensed of PT. Eka Bogainti, they opened in Kebon Kacang, Jakarta. 5 years after, the first store in Bandung was opened. And now, they open a new restaurant in Pekanbaru last January 2020 as their 170th store. 

This is amazing. My childhood most fave Japanese restaurant is, finally here, in my town, Pekanbaru. Like every time I went to Jakarta for the holiday, we always spent our dinner in Hoka Hoka Bento. 

Grand Opening Hokben in LivingWorld Mall Pekanbaru
Hokben successfully opened its restaurant in one of a luxury mall in Pekanbaru, Living World Mall on January 29th 2020. I came with my fellow bloggers on the day of their grand opening and was so impressed for the legit grand opening. I thought the grand would be just simple ( the restaurant is in the mall so what will the grand opening be ), but clearly, the grand opening was Grand. Grande. Vice President of PT. Eka Bogainti, Mr. Sugiri Wilim was there, their top managers also presented. Tari Persembahan ( Riau traditional dance ) performed, surprisingly, really awesome. 

By the way, can you guys spot a mascot up there from the picture above? Adorable pair of boy and girl named Tayo (boy) and Hanako (girl). The smiling characters are so attractive and cute. To be honest, the mascots bring a smile to me when I see it. I can just feel that Hokben brings happiness and satisfaction for its customers through its delicacy menu and services.

Talking about their foods, Hokben serves and offers simple dishes of various Japanese fast foods. Such as beef or chicken  yakiniku and teriyaki, egg chicken roll, shrimp roll, and any other side-dishes and drinks. And also some desserts. 

after a long time, Hokben finally here

Paket C Menu

During the grand opening occasion, I had my "paket C" from the menu. It has shrimp roll, tori ball, beef teriyaki, and rice. I also had my chicken tofu and ocha tea. Btw chicken tofu soup was so tasty and so comforting, the chicken broth in the soup not so overwhelming and rich in chicken flavor. I just can't have enough of it. I want it more and more.

And for the dessert, I chose Es Ogura. It serves in standard portion, it's made of red beans served with simple syrup, coconut milk, and shaved ice. This is so so good.

Ekkado and Tori No Teba are Hokben original menu. The chef special created Ekkado which is made from quail eggs wrapped in processed shrimp meat, wrapped in tofu and tied with chives and cooked in deep-frying oil. While Tori No Teba also special dishes made from chicken wings filled with processed chicken meat, also cooked by the deep-frying oil method. So yum!

Good news for the Muslim community, Hokben already has got Halal certificate from the Indonesian Council of Ulama . In that way, Hokben ensures all the foods they serve are Halal. So no worries, you can eat all the savory foods here. From foods to social involvement, Hokben doesn't stop impressing me. With the slogan, Share to Love, Love to Share, Hokben through its corporate social responsibility (csr) purposely prioritizes social awareness. It's more like giving back benefits to society for example, on December 18, 2012, HokBen gave 66 scholarships to children from Kopassus and Kostrad families from all battalions in Java.

It doesn't stop there,  On  2016 HokBen apps are available for both Android Smartphone Users and for IOS users. With the tagline "Now you and HokBen are just little chopsticks away". By using this app makes easy for the customers to order foods as properly as at the store

I also definitely support their campaign for the use less plastic in order to minimize plastic waste. This is a really good move as we now concern about the environment. So, for those of you who want to take away, you could bring your own lunch box to the restaurant. Let's support #uselessplastic Hokben for real.

Blogger Pekanbaru X Hokben Pekanbaru

Thank you for the invitation, thank you for the good foods, thank you for the goody bag. For all Pekanbaru residents, let's come to Hokben restaurant located in Living World Mall. Experience various Japanese fast food at affordable prices and their excellent services. 

See you in my next post.