Eau De Cologne as known as Body Mist is something that i bring almost everywhere and spray more than once and lasts shorter compared to perfume. Body Mist is also priced much cheaper and somehow feels lighter (for me) that’s why most of the times I decide to bring Body Mist rather than perfume.

As a body mist lover, I love to try body mist varies from scent, color, brand, range of price and almost everything. Everytime I go to beauty store or supermarket I always have time to try it out.

This time I would like to write a short review about my current favorite yet affordable body mist from Cussons Imperial Leather in White Princess. A little fortune that I found at Carrefour while doing grocery shopping, well I had already tried my friend’s beforehand and I  was, am in love with it . Let’s go on…


The Imperial Leather Brand itself is manufactured by my all time favorite soap, toileteris and healthcare product widely known as Cussons and already existed in the World War II.
Imperial Leather Soap back then marketed as the best choice of shop because it lasted longer than the other soaps,

For the Body Mist that is not the only product of Imperial Leather, my favorite goes to the one that I would review, White Princess with White Lily ExtractIt actually has 5 scents such as:

  • ·        White Princess with White Lily Extract (White Bottle)
  • ·        Aqua Fresh with Rose Tea Extract (Blue Bottle)
  • ·        Softly Softly with Rose Tea Extract (Soft Pink Bottle)
  • ·        Perfume Heaven with Monoi Oil (Purple Bottle)
  • ·        Classic 9 hours moisturizing (Red Bottle)
Pic from Beautynesia.id



Spray it 4 times for maximal result onto all over the body. Respray it as much as we want.


Back again to the favorite one, White Princess. Heard quite a lot about this Body Mist in White Princess smells like vanilla from popular Korean Brand The Body Shop ( One of my favorite scent) and it surprisingly  is. It has a lil bit vanilla scent and the flowery scent as the rest. The scent suits me well.

For the packaging, it’s made from plastic therefore it’s easily brought anywhere along with no worries of having it broken. The 100ml netto makes it more easy to bring and fits in my daily bag. I don’t recommend it as a luxury thing that you would own cause the design is quite not sophisticated, is just simple.

I could say it is the cheapest body mist that I’ve ever bought with the enchanting scent ever. The price is approximately 16 thousand rupiah. It lasts not long therefore I spray it numerous times a day.


For me personally, as a student the price is really affordable and the scent is not disappointing. It perhaps last not long as I’ve mentioned before thefore I don’t recommend it for you guys who expect long scent resistance. Overall, i can say this product quite worths the price





Love, Ker.