Female Daily, Local Beauty Network, succesfully held massive "BIGGER BETTER AND LOUDER" Jakarta x Beauty 2018 on April 27-29 at Senayan City, Jakarta themed #YourBeautyRules.

     Delving into the meaning "Your Beauty Rules", as perfectly said at the opening by Hanifa Ambadar (Kak Hanzky) The CEO, "Beauty is not identified by skin color, hair type, or body shape. Beauty is all about accepting ourselves, not dependent to the other's beauty.<3

At first, i didn't manage to come because all my fellow beauty enthusiast seemingly not interested at that time nor available to accompany. Until finally i got 3 days pass ticket and goodie bags full of vouchers, make up, bath stuff and the other skincare or beauty products. Yeah, I felt so delighted and pumped! I guess until the exact time I am writing this post.

            <3  MY JAKARTA X BEAUTY 3 DAYS' JOURNEY <3

[DAY 1]

           All dressed up with much effort in pink and white, I was all hyped coming to this event. I arrived there early, approximately 15 minutes from the opening gate as I didn’t wanna miss any great chances. All the enthusiastic people already queued long before i had gotten there even tough it was still Friday. 

Will be posting new post related to this goodie bag and stuffs that i bought from Jakarta x Beauty, so excited!

A sentence sums up all the feeling at that time was "I am totally impressed!” The place was larger than i could imagined, fraught with many various types of global brand even more than that, fascinating local brand's booths. My favorites go to Goban and Votre Peou’s  booths. 
Holo! Catches the eye. The micellar water
"Bare It All" that i tried, feels amazing. Pic from @femaledailynetwork instagram

See! so appealing. By the way, i tried out the highlighter
and it results so blinding! Pic from @femaledailynetwork instagram

The main instagrammable spot that got long queue!

           As hour goes by, the place rapidly was getting fulled of people, i mean beauty enthusiast. Kid, teenager, woman, mom, man, i can say the visitors range so largely and all of them seemed super excited. Yup, beauty really does has no standard, i saw people with black, purple, pinkish and the other appealing colors. Man or woman with super natural even more bold make up and mom with her child both wearing make up. Alongside of the #BeautyHasNoStandard theme, likewise beauty knows no age, body, face, hair and all.

 Not only seeing the visitor, I got to see many beauty influencers that look way prettier in real life. To end the indescribable day, I joined mini seminar of “All in one Face Base for Pollutants Free with Purbasari and the pretty Abel Cantika”.

[DAY 2] 

         For the second day, I decided to wear something much simpler and of course overall shirt and comfy flippers win. This happens for fulfilling the purpose to move my body easily in hustle and bustle especially walk longer without pain.

         Altough my desires are already fulfilled as trying make up, getting new make up both free and purchased by myself, hopping around, i still longed for this beauty event as I didn't wanna miss a day. I decided to come at noon and again, i was so stoked seeing all the hype from the visitor  two times multiplied  from day one. I also found that this event provides free bottle(s) of water supported by Aqua. We can take it as much as we want, founded this little help is just so thoughtful.

          Moving on to the last but definitely not the least speaker at the night was Liah Yoo (The Founder of Krave; popular thus effective Korean skin care), she was talking about The Biggest Beauty Myths with Kak Afi (One of my favorite beauty guru). One of beauty myths explained by them that got my utter attention is the usage of sun screen that I do totally agree with. It is needed to use sunscreen even tough when we are not directly exposed to the sunlight.

[DAY 3]

For it was Sunday, i got to go to church and another event beforehand, therefore I only spend my 3 hours there at night. I wasn’t there til the closing to join the meet and great with Liah Yoo and talk by #FDBabes :( but I was and am still amazed by this big event. It’s totally a privilege since it’s my first time going to this kind of big beauty event and surrounded by enthusiastic people.

To Female Daily, Jakarta x Beauty 2018 is totally a wrap from 15.000 visitors as the target eventually made it happen to 19.000! I'd be really delighted and pleased to come to the next Jakarta x Beauty 2019, 2020, later on and on. Sincere thank you for hosting such remarkable event, ensuring all woman specifically in Indonesia that beauty does have no standard, it alters our perspectives towards beauty in a way or another! x
My most favorite pic taken at Jakarta x Beauty huge banner with one of  the Lady Bosses, Kak Hanzky.
She looks younger in real life and so humble, a pleasure meeting her! <3
Love, Ker