What do people normally do at the Market? The least possible following answers; just strolling around, doing grocery shopping, spending leisure time with friends or having  some time alone buying random things. Well in fact there’s so much more to be mentioned about…

    Talking about grocery shopping, I am big fan of that since I was a kid, funny tough. Sometimes the matter is not the product on the to-buy-list but the enjoyment of strolling around those different colourful corners of food, drink, beauty stuff, etc. Keep eyeing until I forget how much time I have already been spending there, most of the time.

Trying to get something apparently higher than me 

Broccoli is my most favorite little tree HAHA 

    Nowadays, pictures of people doing grocery shopping has been flooding over my Instagram feed and I find it somehow picturesque much. Therefore, not a long time ago with curiosity  i tried quite similar things at the supermarket, doing grocery shopping while being photographed at the same time. Turned out so fun for me despite getting all eyes to the point where I took the photos.

    The day after I took those picturesque photos of grocery shopping, a dear friend of mine posted the not-so-identical photos like me on her Instagram with caption identifies she was rebuked for taking photos at a supermarket that I can’t mention here. Meanwhile, I keep thinking somewhat I were lucky cus I didn’t even  get admonished by the staff. I ask permission beforehand from the security but he said friendly and with a big smile, “ it’s fine, you don’t need to ask some permissions to take photo, mbak.”

To summarize this today’s article, I make it to the  three core etiquettes of taking photos in the public place like supermarket that we all should follow,
                                                                                   # 1

 In brief nutshell, after you choose the kind of supermarket that matches your expectations ( yellow lighting for me) . This is massive important for people who wants to take pictures not only at the supermarket but public places to know whether the place is allowed to the purpose of photography or in reverse.

                                                                                   # 2

 Meanwhile, before doing photoshoot make sure that you  had packed all your photography gear only in a bag, by all means only pick the suitable camera with a lens or two.  People might passing by and It may be difficult for us to replace the lens, so find the most suitable lens and gear for the camera. ( I recommend handphone camera, dslr or mirrorless with 28mm fix lens or 35mm)

                                                                                 # 3

   Whether the place is allowed for the purpose of photography, for me it is necessary to appreciate the store and all the staffs by buying at least a product in the supermarket. Well don’t take the pictures in the supermarket for granted.

    Let me highlight today’s article. Getting aside the purpose to achieve the instagrammable photo to be posted, accordingly to me, it is not all about the appealing photos. In the end of the day, I got the meaning within the photo more significantly still and will always be the enjoyment of doing the grocery thing not the intention of being photographed to achieve great photos.

Special thanks to Hero Mall Ciputra :)

Love, Ker.