It's quite interesting that i am getting older, in this case not only physically but mentally. I came to realize that bigger part of myself craving for relaxed-atmosphere, environmental-friendly one instead of the hustle and bustle of Jakarta - my hometown. (i love Jakarta tho)

Hence, last week on Saturday i went to GBK for the second time before my teenage life moment had begun. 

Located at the heart of Jakarta, this GBK Sport Complex is a multi-purpose place for us to do some exercises such as jogging, running, or even strolling around to get refreshed. This time i decided to stroll around GBK and having productive day by taking photos of my ootd and making my first fashion-video ever that i'll attached here

On this breezy Saturday, My outfit centered around my cream-coloured satin blazer, pairing my basic black tank top as an inner to give that look of casual. I put my black tanktop into my-not-so-old bubbly  buttoned pants colored similar to my blazer but slightly lighter.

My red nautical cap from zara is currently on my top list right now, the velvety texture gives that classy look. I got the m size which makes me think that I am such a macrocephalous young woman, okay it is a lil bit too much.

As soon as i arrived, i catched all the relaxing vibes around the complex in a blink of an eye, it was really quiet - only few people at that day. I have also noticed all the great differences after the renovation for preparing Indonesia as the host of Asian Games 2018. I'm too excited for it anyway! 

The open-gate of the stadion is totally white-washed and free from graffiti not like it used to be, and the colourful stadion is now turned into red and white just like our national flag. And from the inside we can thoroughly see the world-class quality of synthetic green grass and the comfortable single-seat-chair that catches attention.

Sadly i couldn't go inside the stadion eventough i had called the office 2 weeks before to ask formal permission, ugh. I wasn't there till night but here i show you the incredible pictures of GBK at night from severals online publications. This stadion is surprisingly now turning to be the  4th best stadion lighting throughout the world.


Seeing all the great improvements of GBK makes me prouder as Indonesian citizen. I think we need to highly appreciate public areas by not damaging the facilities and throwing the trash away in the provided place.